Adrian Mouat

Technical Community Advocate @ Chainguard

Adrian has been involved with containers from the early days of Docker and authored the O’Reilly book “Using Docker”.

He works at Chainguard whose mission is to make the software lifecycle secure by default. His current focus is on improving the standard of security and provenance guarantees in container images.

  • Running Containers with Zero Known Vulnerabilities
Alex Boten

Alex Boten is a senior staff software engineer that has spent the last ten years helping organizations adapt to a cloud-native landscape by mashing keyboards. From building core network infrastructure to mobile client applications and everything in between, Alex has first-hand knowledge of how complex troubleshooting distributed applications is.

This led him to the domain of observability and contributing as an approver and maintainer to OpenTelemetry.

  • OpenTelemetry Tools You Should Never Leave the House Without
Andrew Gracey

Andrew is currently the product manager for all things cloud native edge at SUSE. He is interested in where technology, business, and people intersect to help improve all three!

  • Taking Security to the Edge of the Factory Floor with CNCF Projects
Andrew Randall

Andy is passionate about technology and believes successful businesses deliver solutions and services that delight customers, the open source community and ecosystem partners.
Andy joined the Azure team at Microsoft through the acquisition of Kinvolk, where he was chief commercial officer. Prior to joining Kinvolk, Andy co-founded Tigera and Calico, the foundational open source cloud native networking and network security project. Andy previously as successfully built and grown businesses in the areas of network protocols, voice over IP and web conferencing at Metaswitch. He holds a joint MBA from Berkeley-Haas and Columbia Business Schools. He also has masters degrees in software engineering, philosophy and mathematics from the Universities of Oxford and Stirling.

  • Wasm-optimized Linux: what, how, and, most importantly, why?
Ankur Rawal

CTO @ Zenduty, Reliability Advocate Everywhere Else.

Helping fast moving orgs minimise business impacting downtime around the world.
Love talking about observability and reliability at incremental scale and novel use cases for modern tech innovations.
Outside of work, you can find me on road trips, discovering new cuisines and photographing wildlife.

  • How Thanos Almost Snapped $100,000 from our Infra Budget
Atulpriya Sharma

Sr. Developer Advocate @ InfraCloud| CNCF Ambassador

Manual tester turned developer advocate. I talk about Cloud Native, Kubernetes & DevOps to help others adopt cloud native. I also create content – blog posts, webinars – & host Twitter spaces and strongly believe in collaborative learning and growth.

In addition, I'm also a CNCF Ambassador and the organizer of CNCF Hyderabad. When I am not working, I’m a food & travel blogger & love exploring eateries & going on road trips. You can find me at @TheTechMaharaj on Twitter.

  • Mesh Matters: Harness Chaos, Embrace Reliability
Austin Parker

Austin Parker is the Community Maintainer for the OpenTelemetry project. They're a speaker, author, and observability nerd.

  • Styling and Profiling with OpenTelemetry
Benazir Khan

Benazir is a Community Program Manager at Microsoft.

  • Welcome to Cloud Native Rejekts NA 2023!
Caleb Schoepp

Caleb Schoepp is a software engineer at Fermyon. Before working at Fermyon he interned at Microsoft three times on different teams and at the startups UnifyID and Resemble AI. Caleb has experience building on public clouds, mobile apps, full stack web applications, and machine learning integrations among other things. Outside of work he enjoys playing guitar, spending time with family, and learning to play hockey. Caleb holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • What Actually Is WebAssembly: Taking a Look Under the Hood
Carl Braganza

Carl is a software architect and developer with extensive industry experience in the storage field, ranging from device drivers and kernel modules to distributed management subsystems and backup products.

Carl currently works for Kasten by Veeam, the leading Kubernetes backup product, primarily with the management of block data in cloud storage. He is an active participant in the Kubernetes Data Protection Working Group, and a contributor to the Changed Block Tracking KEP design.

  • Revolutionizing Data Backup in Kubernetes: Unlocking the Power of Change Block Tracking With CSI
Carson J Anderson

DevX-O - Weave

Carson is a co-organizer of the Utah Gophers meetup and a fixture at the Utah Kubernetes meetup. He may be best known for his "Kubernetes Deconstructed" presentation but he has been speaking at conferences constantly ever since. He currently works at Weave on the Developer Experience team as the DevX-O (a made up title). As part of this team, he works constantly to improve the quality of life for developers at Weave.

  • SLOs with Prometheus done wrong, wrong, wrong, right
Chris Kuehl

Chris works at Microsoft Azure where he works on open source, cloud native Linux projects. He joined Microsoft via the acquisition of Kinvolk where he was founder and CEO. Similar to his focus at Microsoft, Kinvolk specialized in building open source, cloud native Linux projects and products.

  • A (re)introduction of Inspektor Gadget: A Containerized Framework for eBPF Systems Inspection
Cortney Nickerson

Cortney is a Developer Advocate at Kubeshop where she spends most of her time talking about and advocating for Monokle, an open source tool that helps configure and deploy Kubernetes applications. Cortney fell into the world of tech and open-source by chance about 4 years ago after joining a startup focused on web application security. During that time, she volunteered in the Data on Kubernetes Community where she slowly learned about Kubernetes by writing their weekly newsletter. When not talking about Monokle, you can find her reading novels, sharing random facts for no reason, speaking about DEI and her own struggles with imposter syndrome, and trying to get her kids to bed at a reasonable time.

  • Unlocking Collaboration: Guardrails as the Bridge Between Dev and Ops in Kubernetes Deployments
Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is a Senior Engineering Manager for New Relic's Developer Relations team, where he helps developers get better visibility into their cloud-native Kubernetes environments using OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and other open source technologies. A resident of San Francisco, he enjoys long walks with his dog Gizmo and a fancy latte in hand.

  • Debugging LLMs in prod with OpenTelemetry
Deepak Kumar

Senior Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer at Zenduty

  • How Thanos Almost Snapped $100,000 from our Infra Budget
Divine Odazie

Consistency is key. That’s what Divine believes in, and he says he benefits from that fact, so he tries to be consistent in whatever he does. Divine is a Developer Advocate and Technical Writer who spends his days building, writing and contributing to open source software.

Divine is a Certified Kubernetes Developer holding the KCNA and CKAD certifications, and an AWS Solutions Architect. He is currently working towards the Kubernetes Application Administator (CKA) and AWS DevOps Engineer Certifications.

Aside from the world of software, he enjoys watching and playing football (soccer), listening to good music, traveling, and having fun in his own way.

  • Simplifying Cloud Native Application Delivery with Open Application Model (OAM) and KubeVela
Dr. Dawn M Foster

Dawn is co-chair of CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy and an OpenUK board member. She works as the data science lead for the CHAOSS project where she is also co-chair of the governing board and a maintainer. She has 20+ years of experience at companies like VMware and Intel with expertise in community building, strategy, open source, governance, metrics, and more. She has spoken at over 100 industry events and has a PhD, MBA, and BS in comp sci. In her spare time she enjoys reading sci-fi, running, and traveling.

  • Building a Sustainable CNCF Project Contributor Base
Erin Quill

Erin Quill is a skilled Technology Evangelist known for his talent in simplifying intricate technical concepts into relatable ideas. With a flair for creative content creation and a captivating speaking style, his engaging presentations, blending storytelling and technical expertise, leave a lasting impact and have garnered attention at conferences. With a background in showcasing key technologies and products, Erin's passion for clear communication and technology continues to shape and inspire audiences worldwide.

  • Kubewarden - Simplifing the adoption of policy-as-code
Eyal Bukchin

Eyal Bukchin is an experienced engineering manager who has had the opportunity to build and shape development organizations at various startups, including Simplee and BioCatch. He has a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges associated with modern cloud development, and is passionate about finding solutions in this constantly evolving landscape.

  • Tightening your k8s dev loop with mirrord
Faeka Ansari

Faeka Ansari is a dynamic speaker and open source evangelist who is dedicated to advancing open source strategy, implementation, and investment. With extensive experience as a community manager and Developer Relations Engineer, Faeka has become an expert in communication strategies, and social media management for open source communities.

She is a LFX Mentee'23 at CNCF, contributor to IstioMesh and member of the Kubernetes Release v1.29 team. She is one of the authors for Last Week in Kubernetes Development Newsletter and an active member of SIG ContribEx.

She also participates in upstream community initiatives, and is a GitHub Campus Expert, Google Developer Students Club Leader and MLSA. She is a recipient of the LiFT’23 Scholarship

  • Cracking the Communication Puzzle in Open Source projects under CNCF: Proven Strategies, Metrics, and Case Studies

Flynn is a technology evangelist at Buoyant, spreading the good word and educating developers about the Linkerd service mesh, Kubernetes, and cloud-native development in general. He has spent four decades in software engineering from the kernel up through distributed applications, with a common thread of communications and security throughout, and is the original author and a maintainer of the Emissary-ingress API gateway. He is most easily found as @flynn on the CNCF or Linkerd Slacks.

  • Taking Security to the Edge of the Factory Floor with CNCF Projects
Jef Spaleta

Jef Spaleta has more than a decade of experience in the technology industry; as software engineer, open source contributor, IoT hardware developer, operations, and most recently as a community advocate at Isovalent.

  • Securely Extend Kubernetes Networking to Include Virtual Machines
Jeff Friedman

Jeff Friedman is a staff software engineer at KSOC. He has built cloud-native, high-performance distributed systems in product engineering teams at CircleCI and EverQuote, ranging from real time data analysis and data visualization applications to auction engines for insurance marketplaces. Prior to software engineering, Jeff worked in investment banking and management consulting.

  • Get a round trip ticket; from the Kubernetes workload to the public cloud and back
Jeremy Adams

Jeremy has both a technical and a strategic streak, and is also a bit of a goof. A fan of people and entrepreneurship as well as integration and automation. Through various technical/business roles at Dagger, GitHub, Twistlock, and Puppet, Jeremy has both zoomed in and zoomed out a lot, acquiring an appreciation for the details and the big picture.

  • Future-Proof Your Platform’s CI/CD Without Developers Noticing a Thing (Except Unicorns and Rainbows)
Jonathan Whitaker

My name is Jonathan Whitaker. I’ve spent the last 7+ years of my career in the authentication, authorization, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain. The emphasis of my work has been on building authorization integrations and frameworks for small, medium, and large application platforms. I have helped build IAM platforms for companies as big as Adobe and for small startups. Since I started working in this domain I have been fixated on trying to bring better solutions to developers for these common, yet challenging, problems. I am currently working on the OpenFGA and Auth0 FGA project at Okta/Auth0 to bring global scale, fine-grained authorization to a broader audience of developers. In my spare time I love to get outdoors and camp, hike, fly fish, and mountain bike.

  • Beyond RBAC: Implementing Relation-based Access Control for Kubernetes with OpenFGA
Joshua Wood

Joshua Wood is a Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat. Co-author of Kubernetes Operators (O’Reilly, 2020) and OpenShift for Developers, 2nd Edition (O’Reilly, 2021), he was formerly responsible for documentation at CoreOS. Wood has worked in roles from sysadmin to CTO to build utility computing with open source software. He likes fast cars, slow boats, and short autobiographies.

  • Backstage Software Templates: Scaffolding for cloud-native development
Justin Cormack

Justin is the CTO of Docker and a member of the Technical Oversight Committee of the CNCF. He has been working on cloud native and especially cloud native security for some time now.

  • Attestations: the atoms of the supply chain
Kim McMahon

Kim McMahon is well-known in the cloud native ecosystem for leading the marketing and community activities at CNCF. She has moved to run community and open source marketing at Cisco where talking with developers is a key activity. Community building, breaking down barriers, and uniting are Kim’s drivers.

  • Let's Talk Community - How to Grow, Nurture, Engage, & Measure
Kyle Quest

Kyle is the creator of DockerSlim/SlimToolkit, a popular open source tool to inspect, minify and debug containers. Kyle is also the CTO/founder of Slim.AI where he's building a supply chain security solution for the cloud native applications. Kyle has been building applications and platforms using many different cloud native technologies since the early days of cloud computing. He’s been involved in security for more than two decades wearing many different hats as a builder, breaker and defender.

  • Understanding Exploitability with VEX, EPSS, and Other Standard Frameworks
Lucas Käldström

Lucas is a Kubernetes and cloud native expert who has been serving the CNCF community in lead positions for 6 years. He’s awarded Top CNCF Ambassador 2017 with Sarah Novotny. Lucas was a co-lead for SIG Cluster Lifecycle, co-created kubeadm, Weave Ignite, and ported Kubernetes to ARM. Lucas runs 3 meetups in Finland, co-created Cloud Native Nordics and has spoken at 8 KubeCons, including delivering a keynote with Nikhita Raghunath. Recently, Lucas wrote his BSc thesis on cloud native principles.

  • Beyond RBAC: Implementing Relation-based Access Control for Kubernetes with OpenFGA
Marcus Noble

Marcus is a platform engineer at Giant Swarm, a company dedicated to offering managed Kubernetes solutions. His main area of focus in recent years has been around Go, Kubernetes, containers and DevOps but originally started out as a web developer and JavaScript enthusiast. A self-described “tinkerer”, when not building Kubernetes solutions, Marcus likes to dabble with 3D printing and experimenting with smart home tech.

  • Webhooks - what's the worst that could happen?
Mauricio Vasquez Bernal

Mauricio works as a software engineer at Microsoft. He is interested in eBPF, Kubernetes, networking and low level programming. Mauricio has used eBPF in different scopes like implementing network virtual functions (polycube project), tracing solutions (Inspektor Gadget) and recently implemented a new BPF-based feature in systemd.

  • A (re)introduction of Inspektor Gadget: A Containerized Framework for eBPF Systems Inspection
Melissa McKay

Melissa is passionate about Java, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. She is currently a Developer Advocate for JFrog, serves on the Continuous Delivery Foundation TOC and is a Co-Chair of the Interoperability SIG. She loves sharing her knowledge with the community as a developer, speaker, and author. Melissa has been recognized as a Java Champion and Docker Captain, is an international speaker at numerous events including KubeCon and DockerCon, and is co-author of the O'Reilly title, DevOps Tools for Java Developers.

  • Don't Expect Developers to be Security Experts!
Márk Sági-Kazár

Mark is a dedicated technical leader and software engineer who specializes in building Cloud Native and Open Source software.

His passion for Open Source has led him to make substantial contributions to a various projects. A key focus for Mark is to streamline the contribution process for contributors in Open Source Software and ensure the delivery of secure software, recognizing the vital role it plays in the global software supply chain.

In addition, he is committed to enhancing Developer Experience (DX) by empowering engineers to concentrate on their work without being hindered by inefficient tools or processes.

His expertise extends to building platforms for deploying Cloud Native applications in the cloud and on Kubernetes, seamlessly integrating components from the Cloud Native landscape.

As an active community member, Mark organizes various meetups, including Go Budapest, Kubernetes and Cloud Native Budapest, and Microservices Budapest. He is also a regular speaker at podcasts, meetups and conferences. In 2023, Mark was honored with the title of CNCF Ambassador in recognition of his unwavering commitment to the Cloud Native community.

  • Future-Proof Your Platform’s CI/CD Without Developers Noticing a Thing (Except Unicorns and Rainbows)
Namkyu Park

Namkyu Park is a software engineer working to help startups achieve their missions. He has completed an internship as a software engineer at Bucketplace and worked at several startups. He was a mentee in the Linux Foundation Mentorship Program (Litmus) and is currently a member of LitmusChaos. His areas of interest include GoLang, Kubernetes, cloud-native technologies, CNCF, testing, and performance optimization.

  • Start your contribution journey with LFX mentorship
Navin Jammula

I am Navin Jammula working as Staff SWE at Intuit for 15 years and have overall 20 years of experience in Software industry.

  • Multidimension pod Autoscale with Confidence
Nishant Modak

Founder, CEO of Last9 Inc

  • Build your own APM instead of buying one!
Ole Lensmar

Long time technology and API enthusiast turned Kubernetes aficionado and now CTO at Kubeshop, an accelerator for open-source projects. When not trying to come up with catchy biographies you can find Ole playing guitar, riding his (mostly virtual) bike or rewatching the Haunting of Hill House for the umpteenth time.

  • Unlocking Collaboration: Guardrails as the Bridge Between Dev and Ops in Kubernetes Deployments
Oshrat Nir

Ben is a veteran cybersecurity and DevOps professional, as well as computer science lecturer. Today, he is the co-founder at ARMO, with a vision of making end-to-end Kubernetes security simple for everyone, and a core maintainer of the open source Kubescape project. He teaches advanced information security academically in both undergrad and graduate courses. In his previous capacities, he has been a security researcher and architect, pen-tester and lead developer at Cisco, NDS and Siemens.

  • Refining the Scan: Leveraging eBPF Observability to Enhance Static Analysis Tools in Kubernetes
  • Check ♛ your attention ♞
Paige Cruz

Paige Cruz is a Senior Developer Advocate at Chronosphere passionate about cultivating sustainable on-call practices and bringing folks their aha moment with observability. She started as a software engineer at New Relic before switching to Site Reliability Engineering holding the pager for InVision, Lightstep, and Weedmaps. Off-the-clock you can find her spinning yarn, swooning over alpacas, and occasionally blogging at

  • Pushing Observability Uphill - The Single “Pain” of Glass
Pavan Navarathna

Pavan joined Kasten by Veeam in March 2018, where he leads the open-source efforts and manages a team of cloud-native engineers developing creative solutions for data protection in Kubernetes. He has previously worked in data protection and networking at NetApp and Aryaka. Pavan is a maintainer of Kanister, an open-source framework for application-level data management on Kubernetes. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida.

  • Revolutionizing Data Backup in Kubernetes: Unlocking the Power of Change Block Tracking With CSI
Philemon Johnson

Software engineer with over 5 years of experience in release engineering and DevOps. Led the multi-arch containerization effort for Cloudera's release engineering team. Skilled in CI/CD tools,(including Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and buildx), Cloud Services, cloud cost optimization, and cloud native. Passionate about sharing knowledge and presenting about cutting edge tech implementation at several conferences and meetups

Loves indulging in badmintion, karting, and reading crime fiction books.

  • Future-Proofing Cloud-Native: Multi-Arch Images, Secure Co-Signing & Policy Management
Rahul Buddhisagar

Rahul is a senior engineering manager from Cloudera based in Santa Clara, California. He has held various roles in engineering and leadership in several domains ranging from speech recognition, storage, replication, and distributed systems. In his current role, Rahul works on providing an analytics/data engineering on-prem platform along with a Data Recovery product portfolio.

  • Our Journey towards KubeVirt based HyperConverged Infrastructure from Docker as VMs
Ralph Squillace

Ralph Squillace is a Prinicipal Product Manager in the Azure Core Upstream group at Microsoft. He's old, having joined Microsoft in the OLE32 group -- before COM, just after Win16 graduated to Win32. Since then he's worked in component development in .NET, WCF (SOAP for professionals!), and several Azure Services. An early advocate for Linux at Microsoft, he spent the last twelve container years helping the Helm project, supporting and, and others. For the past two or more years he's led Microsoft open-source efforts in WebAssembly at the ByteCode Alliance Foundation, focusing on the Wasm System Interface, Wasm Components, and language integrations. @ralph_squillace.

  • Wasm-optimized Linux: what, how, and, most importantly, why?
Ram Iyengar

Ram Iyengar is an engineer by practice and an educator at heart. He was (cf) pushed into technology evangelism along his journey as a developer and hasn’t looked back since! He enjoys helping engineering teams around the world discover new and creative ways to work. He is a proponent of product development and engineering teams that put the community first.

  • The Basics Of Software Supply Chain Security For Cloud Native Workflows
Reese Lee

Reese Lee joined the OpenTelemetry team at New Relic in 2021, bringing along her enthusiasm for providing quality technical support and enablement for observability end users. She primarily works in the OpenTelemetry End User Working Group to help increase awareness and adoption of the software, including running the monthly End User Discussion Group. She has spoken on topics related to the project, and is excited to contribute more to the OpenTelemetry community.

  • OpenTelemetry Tools You Should Never Leave the House Without
Rich Burroughs

Rich Burroughs is a Staff Developer Advocate at Loft Labs where he's focused on improving the happiness of teams using Kubernetes. He's the creator and host of the Kube Cuddle podcast, where he interviews members of the Kubernetes community. Rich was one of the founding organizers of DevOpsDays Portland, and he's helped organize other community events. Rich also has a strong interest in how working in tech impacts mental health. He has ADHD and has documented his journey publicly since being diagnosed, and he moderated a panel on ADHD at KubeCon Detroit.

  • Open Source Dev Containers with DevPod
Ryan Jarvinen

Ryan Jarvinen is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat who focuses on developer experience and usability in the Cloud Native ecosystem. He is a frequent conference speaker and workshop leader who enjoys helping teams develop strategies for maximizing their collaboration potential. He works remotely from Sacramento, California, but you can find him online as "RyanJ" via twitter or github.

  • Backstage Software Templates: Scaffolding for cloud-native development
Sebastien Prune THOMAS

Devops / Infrastructure and a lot more... check it out

  • Hey, let's talk again about Limits and Throttling !
Shreelola Hegde

Shreelola Hegde is a Senior Staff Engineer specializing in Developer Productivity and Infrastructure Improvement at Cloudera. With over ten years of experience in the software industry, Shreelola has played a pivotal role in leading and contributing to various projects to enhance developer productivity, optimize tooling, and advance release engineering and infrastructure projects. As a Cloud Native projects enthusiast, Shreelola is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to build scalable and resilient systems.

  • Future-Proofing Cloud-Native: Multi-Arch Images, Secure Co-Signing & Policy Management
Shubham Srivastava

Leading Developer Relations at Zenduty - an advanced incident management and response orchestration platform.
Take pride in making mistakes, learning from them and advocating for best practices for orgs setting up their DevOps, SRE and Production Engineering teams.

A zealous and eternally curious professional, fascinated by stories from DevOps, Incident Management and Product Design. An orator, gamer, writer, and hopeful comedian trying his very best to do something worth remembering everyday.

  • How Thanos Almost Snapped $100,000 from our Infra Budget
Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin is VP of Developer Relations at JFrog, chair of the CDF governing board, member of the CNCF and OpenSSF governing boards, and author of The Definitive Guide to Modern Client Development, Raspberry Pi with Java, Pro JavaFX Platform, and the DevOps Tools for Java Developers title from O'Reilly. He has keynoted numerous conferences around the world including swampUP, Devoxx, JNation, JavaOne, Joker, and Open Source India. Stephen is an avid motorcyclist who has done evangelism tours in Europe, Japan, and Brazil, interviewing hackers in their natural habitat. When he is not traveling, he enjoys teaching kids how to do embedded and robot programming together with his daughters.

  • Know Your Ingredients: Security Starts With the Source
Sunil Govindan

Sunil Govindan is Senior Engineering Manager@Cloudera. Sunil is primarily focussing on Resource Scheduling areas and contributing to Apache YuniKorn Scheduler for Kubernetes as a Committer and member of PMC from 2019 onwards. He has been an ASF Member since 2022 and has been contributing to the Apache Hadoop YARN project since 2013 in various roles as a Committer and a Project Management Committee (PMC) member.

  • Our Journey towards KubeVirt based HyperConverged Infrastructure from Docker as VMs
Suraj Deshmukh

Suraj Deshmukh has been working with Kubernetes since the release of v1.3. Currently he works for Microsoft as a Senior Software Engineer in the Azure’s AKS team with focus on the confidential compute specifically Confidential Containers upstream project. Suraj is an active member of the upstream confidential containers community and is also involved in the in-person community events in Seattle area.

  • Confidential Containers: The Next Frontier in Cloud-Native Security
Tiffany Jernigan

Tiffany is a senior developer advocate at VMware and is focused on Kubernetes. She previously worked as a software developer and developer advocate (nerd whisperer) for containers at Amazon. She also formerly worked at Docker and Intel. Prior to that, she graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in electrical engineering. In her free time she really likes to travel and dabble in photography. You can find her on Twitter @tiffanyfayj and more places on

  • 7 tricks to improve your productivity and reduce your frustration with Kubernetes
  • Naming is hard, Kubernetes edition
Viktor Farcic

Viktor Farcic is lead rapscallion at Upbound, a member of the Google Developer Experts, CDF Ambassadors, and GitHub Stars groups, and a published author.

He is a host of the YouTube channel DevOps Toolkit and a co-host of DevOps Paradox.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perilous Passage to Production
Vishwa Krishnakumar

Vishwa Krishnakumar is a co-founder of Zenduty, where he manages the engineering and product functions and helps customers implement scalable major incident response processes and site reliability engineering best practices.

He has over 14 years of experience in software engineering and architecture and follows the latest in APIs, networking, cloud architecture and site reliability.

  • How Thanos Almost Snapped $100,000 from our Infra Budget
W. Watson

W. Watson has been professionally developing software for 30 years. He has spent numerous years studying game theory and other business expertise in pursuit of the perfect organizational structure for software co-operatives. He also founded the Austin Software Cooperatives meetup group and Vulk Coop as an alternative way to work on software as a group. He currently works on the Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Certification and the Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Test Suite.

  • A Reproducible Cloud Native 5G RAN
Whitney Lee

Whitney is a lovable goofball who enjoys understanding and using tools in the cloud native landscape. Creative and driven, Whitney recently pivoted from an art-related career to one in tech. This past fall, Whitney co-presented a silly yet informative keynote about platform building at Kubecon NA 2022 ( You can catch her lightboard streaming show ⚡️ Enlightning on Tanzu.TV (, and she also co-hosts the streaming show You Choose! - a 'Choose-Your-Own-Adventure'-style journey through the CNCF landscape ( And not only does Whitney rock at tech - she literally has toured playing in the band Mutual Benefit on keyboards and vocals.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perilous Passage to Production
Yarden Laifenfeld

Yarden Laifenfeld is a software engineer and developer advocate at Dynatrace. With a deep background in C and embedded Linux environments, her current focus is coding in Go and diving deep into its internals. She is also on the organizing team of both GopherCon Israel and Women Who Go Israel. She loves to speak at conferences, and when she’s not at her keyboard, you can usually find her next to her sewing machine.

  • Debugging, the Developer Way
Zihan Jiang

Zihan Jiang is a Senior Software Engineer on the Intuit Kubernetes Service (IKS) team at Intuit. He specializes in developing robust, modern SaaS platforms utilizing a variety of cloud-native projects. Before joining Intuit, he worked at VMware, where he concentrated on constructing enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime solutions. Zihan earned his Master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University. As an experienced hiker, he has explored over 40 national parks across the United States.

  • Democratize LLM by Inferencing LLM with GPU on Kubernetes efficiently
  • Multidimension pod Autoscale with Confidence
sriharsha devineni

Devops engineer at cloudera

  • Future-Proofing Cloud-Native: Multi-Arch Images, Secure Co-Signing & Policy Management