Jeremy Adams

Jeremy has both a technical and a strategic streak, and is also a bit of a goof. A fan of people and entrepreneurship as well as integration and automation. Through various technical/business roles at Dagger, GitHub, Twistlock, and Puppet, Jeremy has both zoomed in and zoomed out a lot, acquiring an appreciation for the details and the big picture.

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Future-Proof Your Platform’s CI/CD Without Developers Noticing a Thing (Except Unicorns and Rainbows)
Jeremy Adams, Márk Sági-Kazár

You've just perfected CI and/or CD for your organization, again. It was a huge, frustrating effort, and learning another proprietary DSL or YAML didn't deliver the promised tenfold increase in release frequency. It wasn't the first re-platform and it won’t be the last. Now that things have calmed down, there must be a way to prepare, to future-proof your CI/CD and protect developers, the business, and your sanity. In this talk we’ll demonstrate how to use abstraction, containerization, DAGs, and general-purpose programming languages that your team already knows to create portable CI/CD workflows that can run anywhere without rewriting everything. We’ll also highlight how this approach has additional benefits like composability, reuse, testing of CI/CD code itself, and fast feedback loops for developers (since you can run these pipelines locally). This talk is aimed at anyone who is expecting to have to re-platform CI/CD again in the future (that’s you) and just wants the pain to stop.