Erin Quill

Erin Quill is a skilled Technology Evangelist known for his talent in simplifying intricate technical concepts into relatable ideas. With a flair for creative content creation and a captivating speaking style, his engaging presentations, blending storytelling and technical expertise, leave a lasting impact and have garnered attention at conferences. With a background in showcasing key technologies and products, Erin's passion for clear communication and technology continues to shape and inspire audiences worldwide.


Kubewarden - Simplifing the adoption of policy-as-code
Erin Quill

"In today's dynamic landscape of containerization, security within Kubernetes clusters is a critical priority. This session brings you an in-depth look at KubeWarden, an innovative project leveraging the flexibility and power of WebAssembly to implement and enforce policy-as-code. KubeWarden addresses key challenges in Kubernetes security, empowering you to write policies in any language that compiles to WebAssembly, enhancing the security posture of your cluster.

Join us as we delve into KubeWarden's capabilities, including establishing secure container bases, managing image authorizations, regulating container permissions, and controlling mount types. Moreover, we will explore KubeWarden's capacity for verifying image signatures, adding an extra layer of security to your container deployments. This session is designed to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge and strategies to enforce robust security and compliance in Kubernetes clusters."