Divine Odazie

Consistency is key. That’s what Divine believes in, and he says he benefits from that fact, so he tries to be consistent in whatever he does. Divine is a Developer Advocate and Technical Writer who spends his days building, writing and contributing to open source software.

Divine is a Certified Kubernetes Developer holding the KCNA and CKAD certifications, and an AWS Solutions Architect. He is currently working towards the Kubernetes Application Administator (CKA) and AWS DevOps Engineer Certifications.

Aside from the world of software, he enjoys watching and playing football (soccer), listening to good music, traveling, and having fun in his own way.

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Simplifying Cloud Native Application Delivery with Open Application Model (OAM) and KubeVela
Divine Odazie

The containerization of applications and the declarative nature of Kubernetes has greatly reduced difficulties in deploying, managing and scaling complex applications. However, when you deploy more workloads and related resources in a cluster, you spend more time managing infrastructure setups like ingress, DNS, etc., than building.

To solve this problem, the journey of defining “applications” rather than “containers” started — the birth of the Open Application Model (OAM) and its implementation KubeVela.

Divine will start this talk by introducing OAM and how it makes abstractions to the architecture of applications with the concept of Component and Trait. After that, Divine will discuss KubeVela, and how it achieves application modelling in Kubernetes.

Towards the end, Divine will share a list of organizations using KubeVela in production, testing, and its roadmap.