Flynn is a technology evangelist at Buoyant, spreading the good word and educating developers about the Linkerd service mesh, Kubernetes, and cloud-native development in general. He has spent four decades in software engineering from the kernel up through distributed applications, with a common thread of communications and security throughout, and is the original author and a maintainer of the Emissary-ingress API gateway. He is most easily found as @flynn on the CNCF or Linkerd Slacks.

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Taking Security to the Edge of the Factory Floor with CNCF Projects
Andrew Gracey, Flynn

It's common in manufacturing to see a large number of smart industrial machines out on the factory floor, all tied into a web of events with a Kubernetes cluster at the center.

Right now, the industrial machines and the cluster are two different worlds with a patchwork mess of communications holding them together. In particular, there is no common mechanism for security, reliability, and observability out to the edge devices -- even though these elements are at least as critical there as within the cluster itself.

We can solve these problems by using two CNCF projects, Linkerd and K3s, to push security and control past the edge of the cluster out onto the factory floor. This is a world of unique challenges (from sorting out identity in an industrial setting to providing critical insights about failures before they turn into safety hazards) but also huge benefits.

Join us for a guided tour and demo of how this all works and what it can bring you.