Philemon Johnson

Software engineer with over 5 years of experience in release engineering and DevOps. Led the multi-arch containerization effort for Cloudera's release engineering team. Skilled in CI/CD tools,(including Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and buildx), Cloud Services, cloud cost optimization, and cloud native. Passionate about sharing knowledge and presenting about cutting edge tech implementation at several conferences and meetups

Loves indulging in badmintion, karting, and reading crime fiction books.

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Future-Proofing Cloud-Native: Multi-Arch Images, Secure Co-Signing & Policy Management
sriharsha devineni, Shreelola Hegde, Philemon Johnson

Want to provide multi-arch container images but stuck with a legacy CI/CD pipeline? Do you want to secure the images but do not know how to incorporate it in your existing CI/CD setup?

Join us to know how Cloudera incorporates these practices into our existing CI/CD setup to ship thousands of container images every year and also how you could also do it for your project or company. We will take into consideration different CI/CD setups that companies have (ranging from monolith, to on-prem microservices and cloud-native environments)