Faeka Ansari

Faeka Ansari is a dynamic speaker and open source evangelist who is dedicated to advancing open source strategy, implementation, and investment. With extensive experience as a community manager and Developer Relations Engineer, Faeka has become an expert in communication strategies, and social media management for open source communities.

She is a LFX Mentee'23 at CNCF, contributor to IstioMesh and member of the Kubernetes Release v1.29 team. She is one of the authors for Last Week in Kubernetes Development Newsletter and an active member of SIG ContribEx.

She also participates in upstream community initiatives, and is a GitHub Campus Expert, Google Developer Students Club Leader and MLSA. She is a recipient of the LiFT’23 Scholarship

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Cracking the Communication Puzzle in Open Source projects under CNCF: Proven Strategies, Metrics, and Case Studies
Faeka Ansari

Effective communication is crucial for the success of any open source project, and the right communication platforms and methods can make all the difference. In this talk, we will explore ten engaging and catchy topics related to communication platforms and methods, content management, and social media for open source communities. We will discuss proven techniques and strategies for turning communication chaos into collaboration excellence, from documentation to community engagement, and managing your project's digital assets. We will also dive into social media advocacy and share practical tips for driving engagement and growing your community.

Engage, Collaborate, and Thrive! As open source communities continue to grow and thrive, it's important to navigate the fine line between moderation and censorship, build trust and transparency with your audience in a post-truth world, and reach diverse audiences through inclusive communication. Visual storytelling can be a powerful tool to communicate your project's message, and we will explore creative ways to leverage it. We will also take a look at the evolution of communication tools in open source communities, from IRC to Slack, and discuss their impact.

Finally, we will cover crisis communication in open source projects and share best practices and some super compelling case studies. Throughout the talk, Faeka will provide concrete examples and case studies of successful open source communication strategies and platforms, such as those used by the Linux Kernel community, Kubernetes, RedHat, Mozilla Foundation, and more!