Ralph Squillace

Ralph Squillace is a Prinicipal Product Manager in the Azure Core Upstream group at Microsoft. He's old, having joined Microsoft in the OLE32 group -- before COM, just after Win16 graduated to Win32. Since then he's worked in component development in .NET, WCF (SOAP for professionals!), and several Azure Services. An early advocate for Linux at Microsoft, he spent the last twelve container years helping the Helm project, supporting https://porter.sh and https://cnab.io, and others. For the past two or more years he's led Microsoft open-source efforts in WebAssembly at the ByteCode Alliance Foundation, focusing on the Wasm System Interface, Wasm Components, and language integrations. @ralph_squillace.

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Wasm-optimized Linux: what, how, and, most importantly, why?
Andrew Randall, Ralph Squillace

Web assembly, or Wasm, is shaping up to have a huge impact on the future of cloud computing. As Solomon Hykes, co-founder of Docker, said "If WASM+WASI existed in 2008, we wouldn't have needed to create Docker. That's how important it is."
In this talk, we take a look at some of the parallels between the evolution of the container ecosystem and that of Wasm, focusing in particular on the foundational technology of the operating system. CoreOS established the concept of a container Linux - what is the equivalent for the Wasm world?