Lucas Käldström

Lucas is a Kubernetes and cloud native expert who has been serving the CNCF community in lead positions for 6 years. He’s awarded Top CNCF Ambassador 2017 with Sarah Novotny. Lucas was a co-lead for SIG Cluster Lifecycle, co-created kubeadm, Weave Ignite, and ported Kubernetes to ARM. Lucas runs 3 meetups in Finland, co-created Cloud Native Nordics and has spoken at 8 KubeCons, including delivering a keynote with Nikhita Raghunath. Recently, Lucas wrote his BSc thesis on cloud native principles.

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Beyond RBAC: Implementing Relation-based Access Control for Kubernetes with OpenFGA
Lucas Käldström, Jonathan Whitaker

The Kubernetes API server is a declarative, uniform and extensible REST API server capable of storing a diverse set of APIs for infrastructure control. API objects tend to contain parent-child and sibling relations such as “ReplicaSet owns Pod refers to Node”. However, with this graph-based structure, access control and multi-tenancy become a real challenge. The default RBAC authorizer is best for resource-scoped authorization (“allow listing all Pods”), not fine-grained authorization (“allow listing Pods of these Deployments”).

OpenFGA is a Relationship-Based Access Control (ReBAC) engine inspired by Google Zanzibar and a CNCF sandbox project. ReBAC is a superset of RBAC, and empowers administrators to configure authorization in an object-scoped manner with minimal configuration sprawl.

A Kubernetes contributor and a OpenFGA maintainer will demo an open-source implementation of a Kubernetes authorizer and controller that configures and queries OpenFGA for authorization decisions.