Sunil Govindan

Sunil Govindan is Senior Engineering Manager@Cloudera. Sunil is primarily focussing on Resource Scheduling areas and contributing to Apache YuniKorn Scheduler for Kubernetes as a Committer and member of PMC from 2019 onwards. He has been an ASF Member since 2022 and has been contributing to the Apache Hadoop YARN project since 2013 in various roles as a Committer and a Project Management Committee (PMC) member.

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Our Journey towards KubeVirt based HyperConverged Infrastructure from Docker as VMs
Rahul Buddhisagar, Sunil Govindan

KubeVirt enables us to unify our multi-form factor infrastructure (VMs and Containers) workloads and provide all the K8s features. However, we had to overcome many challenges and address gaps.
This session will discuss the HCO setup and running VMs at scale and highlight the challenges we had trying to run both pods and VMs. E.g., setting up external connectivity for both VMs and Pods? How do we assign IP addresses dynamically?