Virtual Rejekts 2020

Alban Crequy

Alban is CTO & co-founder at Kinvolk. He has a particular interest in integrating BPF into Kubernetes. He’s a maintainer of the gobpf library and has worked on software in the cloud space using BPF with Golang: Weave Scope, Traceleft, Project Calico, and recently Inspektor Gadget and Traceloop.

  • Inspektor Gadget and traceloop: BPF debugging tools for Kubernetes
Alessandro Vozza
  • Handover: Berlin to Amsterdam
Alex Ellis, Founder @ OpenFaaS Ltd, CNCF Ambassador

Alex is a respected expert on serverless and cloud native computing. He founded OpenFaaS, one of the most popular open-source serverless projects, where he has built the community via writing, speaking, and extensive personal engagement. As a consultant and CNCF Ambassador, he helps companies around the world build great developer experiences and navigate the cloud native landscape.

  • The need for a Cloud Native Tunnel
Andrew Martin

Andrew has an incisive security engineering ethos gained building and destroying high-traffic web applications. Proficient in systems development, testing, and operations, he is comfortable profiling and securing every tier of a bare metal or cloud native system, and has battle-hardened experience delivering containerised solutions to enterprise and government. He is a co-founder at

  • How to Train your Red Team (for Cloud Native)
Antonin Bas

Antonin is a Staff Engineer at VMware and a maintainer for Project Antrea, a Kubernetes Network Plugin, which he tries to make as simple as possible to deploy and troubleshoot. Antonin is also a core contributor to the P4 language, a Linux Foundation project which enables programmability in the network infrastructure.

  • The Easy Button to Kubernetes Networking with Open vSwitch
Arun Teja Godavarthi
  • Virtual Rejekts wrapup
Avni Sharma

I am a Software Engineer at Red Hat, with my day to day work revolving around Kubernetes, OpenShift and, Operators.

  • Connecting Applications with Operator-backed Services
Bill Mulligan
  • Handover: India to Berlin
Carlo Salomon Ruiz

Carlo Salomon Ruiz is a member of the technical staff at Cockroach Labs, working on the team building CockroachCloud.

  • What We’ve Learned Building a Multi-Region DBaaS on Kubernetes
Cecile Robert-Michon

Cecile Robert-Michon is a software engineer at Microsoft working on the Azure Cloud Native Compute team, where she spends most of her time contributing to various open source projects. She speaks French, English and Spanish and studied engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

  • Cluster API Deep Dive
Charles Pretzer

Charles Pretzer is a field engineer at Buoyant, where he spends his time collaborating and engaging with the open source community of the CNCF service mesh, Linkerd. He has spent time using Prometheus to monitor and debug microservices applications and understands the value that high-cardinality metrics provide. Charles has spoken at meetups and conferences hosted by ABN Amro, Macnica, and NGINX Conf. When he's not presenting or in front of a computer, he's riding a motorcycle or making a delicious mess in the kitchen.

  • Watching the Watcher: Advanced Integrated Monitoring with Prometheus Federation
Charlotte Godley
  • Handover: Amsterdam to London
Chris Kuehl
  • Virtual Rejekts wrapup
  • Handover: New York to Boulder
Cody Hill

Cody Hill is Field CTO at Packet, where he helps Enterprises and large SaaS companies take advantage of Packet’s platform. Previously the Director of Technology at Platform9 — a venture backed managed hybrid cloud provider — Cody also served as Lead Cloud Architect at General Electric. With over 15 years of experience operating production infrastructure at a global scale, Cody leverages his deep knowledge of VMware, Openstack, Kubernetes and the DevOps ecosystem to accelerate customers on Packet.

  • Using k8s, Bare Metal, & 5G to achieve autonomous drone delivery!
Dan Acristinii

Dan is passionate about two things: cloud and Arm64. He used to work as a one-person Ops team focused on setting up and maintaining Kubernetes clusters on most of the major cloud providers. Now he works at Swisscom as a Kubernetes engineer. In his free time, he bootstrapped the Kubernetes the Fun Way cluster and is trying to make it as production-ready as possible.

  • Kubernetes The Fun Way
Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield is a full-stack engineer, Google Developer Expert, and member of the Forbes Technology Council. As a Kubernaut and CI/CD expert, Dan has built tools for advanced deployment methodologies with Kubernetes, Helm, and Istio. His code and talks have been featured at conferences including Kubecon, Dev Week, Google Cloud Summit, SwampUp, Redis Conf and many more.

  • Making the Business Case for DevOps
Dawid Ziolkowski

Almost 10 years of experience as a Network/System Engineer at the beginning, DevOps in between, Cloud Native Engineer recently. Worked for IT Outsourcing company, research institute, telco, hosting company and consultancy company, therefore, gathered a lot of knowledge from different perspectives. Loves to contribute to open source community. When not coding - doing photography.

  • Istio as a monolith. Why sometimes consolidation is a good thing and what does it mean for the users.
Ellen Körbes
  • Handover: India to Berlin
Fernando Diaz

Fernando is a Technical Marketing Manager at Gitlab. He's passionate about OpenSource and has contributed to several OpenStack and Kubernetes Projects.

In the past he was an OpenStack Core Contributor, focusing on Barbican(Key Management) Development and has spoken and held workshops at several OpenStack Summits.

Currently resides in Austin, Texas and helps keep Austin weird.

  • Kubernetes Ingress-Nginx Security from Beginner to Expert
Gerrit Schwerthelm

Gerrit is DevOps consultant at x-cellent technologies in Munich, Germany. His particular fields of work include the establishment of highly-automated infrastructure and modern software traits like scalability, high-availability and mutability.

In his free time, Gerrit is a passionated musician enjoying rock, jazz and fingerstyle guitar.

  • metal-stack - kubernetes on bare metal
Igor Sutton

Igor Sutton are part of the OpenShift App Services team, working on tooling for developers in OpenShift.

  • Connecting Applications with Operator-backed Services
Jakub Pavlik

Jakub Pavlik is a co-founder, former CTO and chief architect of tcp cloud (acquired by Mirantis in 2016). Jakub and his team worked several years on the IaaS cloud platform based on OpenStack-Salt, Kubernetes and OpenContrail projects, which they deployed and operated for global large service providers. Currently he works as Director of Engineering at Volterra, where they are building Edge Services for Modern Applications using Istio and Kubernetes.

Speaker Opportunities

CloudNative Rejekts 2019 San Diego -
Keynote OpenStack Summit Boston 2017 -
Keynote OpenStack Summit Austin 2016 -
KubeCon London 2016 -

  • Virtual K8s: Application Fleet Management at Scale
Jim Bugwadia

Jim is a founder and the CEO at Nirmata, the Kubernetes management plane for enterprises! Jim has been building large-scale distributed software for the last two decades. Jim started his career developing C++ software at Motorola for cellular network infrastructure, where his team launched the world's first CDMA network. Since then Jim has held several developer, architect, and leadership roles at companies like Bell Labs, Cisco, Trapeze Networks, and Pano Logic.

  • Kubernetes Native Policy Management with Kyverno!
Joaquim Rocha

Joaquim leads the Product Engineering team for Kinvolk's user interface and managed service offerings. He has been active in the Open Source community for over 10 years as a developer and/or author, from desktop software (he is a member of the GNOME Foundation), to museum installations, to high-scale storage projects at CERN. He has also been a speaker at several international Open Source events, like FOSDEM and GUADEC.

  • Yes, we need a new dashboard!
Johannes Liebermann

A software engineer with a background in network communication and music. Working on open-source software at Kinvolk since 2018 with a focus on Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies.

  • Observable Applications Using OpenTelemetry
Jonathan Gold
  • Handover: London to New York
Josh Imhoff
  • What We’ve Learned Building a Multi-Region DBaaS on Kubernetes
Justin Garrison
  • Secure Shell Access Without SSH
Karthik Prabhakar

Karthik Prabhakar is the Senior Director of Solution Architecture at Tigera, and has worked on numerous advanced deployments. Karthik has also previously been a network engineer and architect during the heydey of IP internetwork design, and over the years, has seen some fancy (and occasionally quirky) approaches to network design by both vendors and operators, as well as in various IETF working groups.

  • Noverlay Networks for Health and Wellbeing
Kaslin Fields
  • Handover: Boulder to Seattle
Katy Farmer
  • Handover: Seattle to San Francisco
Kim McMahon
  • Handover: New York to Boulder
Lian Li
  • Handover: Berlin to Amsterdam
Madhukar Nayakbomman

Madhukar is a Lead Solutions Engineer at Volterra. He is working on building cloud native solutions on public clouds and edge clouds. At his previous role at Juniper, he was a lead developer for the Contrail Enterprise Multi-Cloud platform, a widely successful and deployed Layer 3 SDN solution used across dozens of major telcos and Fortune 100 enterprises around the globe.

  • Discover and Secure your APIs in Minutes
Madhuri Yechuri

Madhuri is a systems engineer with 20 years experience in database server technologies (Oracle), virtualization (VMware), and container technologies (ClusterHQ) before founding Elotl in Nodeless Kubernetes space. Madhuri received her Masters in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington, and Bachelors in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

  • Elastic cloud bursting with Virtual Kubelet and KIP
Mario Manno

Mario works as an open-source developer in the cloud
and systems management department at SUSE. He joined the Cloudfoundry Foundation as a committer in 2017. He now works on project Quarks to create Kubernetes controllers for Cloudfoundry.

In his free time Mario contributes to open source projects, like conference management software frab and the video portal voctoweb.

  • Platform Endgame - Kube CF
Mark Coleman


  • Handover: Amsterdam to London
Markus Fensterer

currently building

  • metal-stack - kubernetes on bare metal
Matt Baldwin
  • Handover: Boulder to Seattle
Pini Reznik

Pini Reznik is a Co-founder and CTO of Container Solutions, Pini oversees the architecture and implementation of Cloud Native migrations for organisations from every sector. His work spans two decades in the configuration management field, with current emphasis on DevOps, automation and Cloud Native CI/CD. He enjoys solving the challenges presented by emerging technology and, working with partners such as Cisco, Google and others. Pini recently became fascinated with the pattern languages and evolutionary design that help to collect and share knowledge in order to build complex systems in a series of small incremental steps.
Author of an O’Reilly book Cloud Native Transformation

  • How to beat an existential crisis by becoming Cloud Native.
Prakash Mishra
  • Virtual Rejekts Kickoff: India
Sayan Chowdhury


  • Virtual Rejekts Kickoff: India
Shaun Crampton

Shaun is a Principal Engineer at Tigera, working as a core developer on Project Calico. Before joining the Tigera team, Shaun worked on a number of Software Defined Networking products and cloud scale applications. He holds an MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

  • Calico Networking with eBPF
Shuting Zhao

Shuting Zhao is a software engineer at Nirmata, working on Kyverno and several other cloud-native projects that help automate the deployment and operation of workloads and Kubernetes clusters.

Shuting received her M.S. in Electrical Engineering at New York University. She started coding for a school project on software-defined networking, and has since developed a keen interest in distributed systems. Shuting is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) since Oct 2018.

  • Kubernetes Native Policy Management with Kyverno!
Stephen Augustus
  • Handover: London to New York
Tasha Drew
  • Handover: Seattle to San Francisco
Uma Mukkara

Uma Mukkara manages the operations of a large SaaS platform called, that is used to provide deep visibility, data and chaos services of Kubernetes clusters. Director is built using Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenEBS and other cloud native technologies. Uma contributes heavily to design and documentation of two open source projects called OpenEBS and Litmus. Uma often speaks in local open source meetups about Kubernetes, DevOps, and OpenEBS. He has special interests in developing new methods in the area of CI/CD and has co-created a chaos engineering project called Litmus.

  • Using OpenEBS successfully for remote working and to reduce costs
Vince Prignano

Vince Prignano is a Sr. Member of the Technical Staff at VMware, core contributor to Kubernetes, SIG-Cluster-Lifecycle, and Cluster API maintainer.

  • Cluster API Deep Dive
Vlad Iovanov

Vlad Iovanov is currently working as a Technical Lead on the SUSE Cloud Foundry project at SUSE. He has given various talks in the industry for topics ranging from container technologies, Windows frameworks and best practices for Application Development.

  • Platform Endgame - Kube CF
Álvaro Iradier

Álvaro is a solutions engineer at Sysdig. Before that, he worked in an IoT and financial micro-transactions company for 11 years as a Ninja developer. Then, he discovered he had been doing the fuzzy concept of DevOps when Adidas hired him for CI/CD support and platform engineering. He loves dissecting things to discover the internals, but only for tech stuff, not living beings. Alvaro was also the founder and leader of AMSN (an open-source clone of MSN messenger) project several years ago.

  • Attack of the mutant tags!