Virtual Rejekts 2020

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Track 1 (UTC)
Virtual Rejekts Kickoff: India (Prakash Mishra, Sayan Chowdhury)
Connecting Applications with Operator-backed Services (Igor Sutton, Avni Sharma)
Elastic cloud bursting with Virtual Kubelet and KIP (Madhuri Yechuri)
Using OpenEBS successfully for remote working and to reduce costs (Uma Mukkara)
Handover: India to Berlin (Bill Mulligan, Ellen Körbes)
metal-stack - kubernetes on bare metal (Gerrit Schwerthelm, Markus Fensterer)
Inspektor Gadget and traceloop: BPF debugging tools for Kubernetes (Alban Crequy)
Virtual K8s: Application Fleet Management at Scale (Jakub Pavlik)
Istio as a monolith. Why sometimes consolidation is a good thing and what does it mean for the users. (Dawid Ziolkowski)
Handover: Berlin to Amsterdam (Lian Li, Alessandro Vozza)
How to beat an existential crisis by becoming Cloud Native. (Pini Reznik)
Kubernetes The Fun Way (Dan Acristinii)
Platform Endgame - Kube CF (Mario Manno, Vlad Iovanov)
Yes, we need a new dashboard! (Joaquim Rocha)
Handover: Amsterdam to London (Mark Coleman, Charlotte Godley)
How to Train your Red Team (for Cloud Native) (Andrew Martin)
Attack of the mutant tags! (Álvaro Iradier)
Calico Networking with eBPF (Shaun Crampton)
Handover: London to New York (Jonathan Gold, Stephen Augustus)
Using k8s, Bare Metal, & 5G to achieve autonomous drone delivery! (Cody Hill)
What We’ve Learned Building a Multi-Region DBaaS on Kubernetes (Josh Imhoff, Carlo Salomon Ruiz)
The need for a Cloud Native Tunnel (Alex Ellis, Founder @ OpenFaaS Ltd, CNCF Ambassador)
Handover: New York to Boulder (Kim McMahon, Chris Kuehl)
Kubernetes Ingress-Nginx Security from Beginner to Expert (Fernando Diaz)
Observable Applications Using OpenTelemetry (Johannes Liebermann)
The Easy Button to Kubernetes Networking with Open vSwitch (Antonin Bas)
Watching the Watcher: Advanced Integrated Monitoring with Prometheus Federation (Charles Pretzer)
Handover: Boulder to Seattle (Kaslin Fields, Matt Baldwin)
Making the Business Case for DevOps (Dan Garfield)
Secure Shell Access Without SSH (Justin Garrison)
Cluster API Deep Dive (Cecile Robert-Michon, Vince Prignano)
Handover: Seattle to San Francisco (Tasha Drew, Katy Farmer)
Discover and Secure your APIs in Minutes (Madhukar Nayakbomman)
Noverlay Networks for Health and Wellbeing (Karthik Prabhakar)
Kubernetes Native Policy Management with Kyverno! (Shuting Zhao, Jim Bugwadia)
Virtual Rejekts wrapup (Chris Kuehl, Arun Teja Godavarthi)