Virtual Rejekts 2020

“Kubernetes The Fun Way” Dan Acristinii · Talk (30 minutes)

Kubernetes the Fun Way is a collection of case studies and demos in which Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies are explored in unrealistic and (somewhat) ridiculous scenarios. The purpose is to create a fun and inclusive learning environment

“The Easy Button to Kubernetes Networking with Open vSwitch” Antonin Bas · Short Talk (15 minutes)

Networking can be a headache. Troubleshooting Kubernetes network issues often implies using a plethora of tools, running countless tests, and staring at iptables rules.

Open vSwitch, which offers a performant, reliable and feature-rich virtual switch for Linux and Windows, can help alleviate this. …

“Kubernetes Ingress-Nginx Security from Beginner to Expert” Fernando Diaz · Talk (30 minutes)

In Kubernetes the Ingress-Nginx Controller is one of the most deployed Ingress Controller. It is the gateway to your applications, the metaphorical door person right outside. Securing it is crucial to the overall Security of your Cloud, yet many times it is not properly configured, leaving it vulne…

“Inspektor Gadget and traceloop: BPF debugging tools for Kubernetes” Alban Crequy · Talk (30 minutes)

I will present Inspektor Gadget and traceloop, a tracing tool to trace system calls in cgroups or in containers using BPF and overwritable ring buffers.

Many people use the “strace” tool to synchronously trace system calls using ptrace. Traceloop similarly traces system calls but asynchronously in …

“Yes, we need a new dashboard!” Joaquim Rocha · Short Talk (15 minutes)

Kubernetes is a complex project, and one of the goals of UX and design is to make complex things feel simpler, so using a web dashboard for accessing and managing Kubernetes makes a lot of sense. Fortunately, there are many choices out there for those who want to try out dashboards, unfortunately, …

“Attack of the mutant tags!” Álvaro Iradier · Talk (30 minutes)

In container land, image tags are mutants. Are you using “latest” tag, or per-environment tags like “dev”, “staging”, “prod”, etc.? Then, you might not be aware, but you are already suffering their attack!

In this talk, we will analyze some use cases where mutability of tags could be troublesome, l…

“Elastic cloud bursting with Virtual Kubelet and KIP” Madhuri Yechuri · Talk (30 minutes)

This talk introduces a brand new open source provider for virtual kubelet called KIP (Kubernetes Cloud Instance Provider). KIP enables Kubernetes control plane to consume cloud agnostic right sized cost optimized compute instance for your Kubernetes pods without having to manually curate and mainta…

“Making the Business Case for DevOps” Dan Garfield · Talk (30 minutes)

The software development loop is, without question, the most critical component of any business and yet it can sometimes be difficult to get everyone to prioritize it. In this talk, we'll look at several case studies from major companies and how they became more competitive and more reliable to bea…

“Observable Applications Using OpenTelemetry” Johannes Liebermann · Talk (30 minutes)

OpenTelemetry is a CNCF sandbox project which standardizes application tracing and monitoring across multiple programming languages, protocols, platforms and vendors. In this talk I'll provide a brief introduction to the OpenTelemetry project, explore some of its language libraries, demonstrate how…

“Virtual K8s: Application Fleet Management at Scale” Jakub Pavlik · Talk (30 minutes)

The deployment of k8s clusters at the Edge can range in the 1000s. The number of k8s clusters quickly grows into an operational and management problem. This requires a holistic approach to managing clusters and applications. This session introduces a Kubernetes based solution for Application Fleet …

“How to Train your Red Team (for Cloud Native)” Andrew Martin · Talk (30 minutes)

How do we safely introduce Cloud Native software without opening unexpected security holes? By understanding risk, modelling threats, and attacking our own systems.

“Simulation” (i.e. playing hacking games on production-like infrastructure) is rising to prominence as a comprehensive training method…

“Connecting Applications with Operator-backed Services” Avni Sharma, Igor Sutton · Talk (30 minutes)

Demonstrating a more streamlined approach for binding application with services provided by Kubernetes Operators, using our open-source project, service-binding-operator. An improved developer experience on declaring and ensuring binding with infrastructure components.

“What We’ve Learned Building a Multi-Region DBaaS on Kubernetes” Carlo Salomon Ruiz, Josh Imhoff · Talk (30 minutes)

When the engineers at Cockroach Labs started development on a global Database as a Service (DBaaS), they weren’t sure if Kubernetes would be the right choice for the underlying orchestration system. They wanted to harness Kubernetes’s powerful orchestration capabilities, but building a system to ru…

“Kubernetes Native Policy Management with Kyverno!” Jim Bugwadia, Shuting Zhao · Talk (30 minutes)

Kyverno is policy management designed for Kubernetes. With Kyverno, cluster administrators can easily validate, mutate, and generate configurations without the complexity and hassle of another language or external tools. In this talk Jim Bugwadia and Shuting Zhao will discuss why policies are key …

“Noverlay Networks for Health and Wellbeing” Karthik Prabhakar · Talk (30 minutes)

As Kubernetes multi-cluster deployment scales now start to approach those of large IP internetworks of yesteryear, we see a myriad of network design alternatives mirroring the network design choices from the internets of old.

We will take a tongue-firmly-in-cheek yet factual look through some of th…

“Platform Endgame - Kube CF” Vlad Iovanov, Mario Manno · Talk (30 minutes)

We are building what we think is the ultimate platform. Based on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry, it's the best of both worlds. IT professionals can manage infrastructure using Kube, while app developers become more productive using the developer-focused UX refined by Cloud Foundry for almost a decade…

“Using k8s, Bare Metal, & 5G to achieve autonomous drone delivery!” Cody Hill · Talk (30 minutes)

n this talk, you will learn about the growing Edge computing landscape and the need for low latency 5G networks.

We will be discussing a use case for utilizing drones to make deliveries to warehouses, as well as looking at the technologies used to build an end to end IoT pipeline on Kubernetes that…

“How to beat an existential crisis by becoming Cloud Native.” Pini Reznik · Talk (30 minutes)

Last five years of mass movement to Cloud Native and the last few dramatic months in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic are examples of existential crises, former is relatively slow and the latter is almost instant, but both are dramatic in their effect on all the aspects of company existence.

“The need for a Cloud Native Tunnel” Alex Ellis, Founder @ OpenFaaS Ltd, CNCF Ambassador · Talk (30 minutes)

Everything was fine, we were developing applications for the cloud on our local laptops, until we needed to integrate with webhooks. Then things got tricky at work, all known solutions were blocked like cryptic socat commands, SSH, Ngrok, Argo Tunnels and we had no budget for an AWS account.

We nee…

“Calico Networking with eBPF” Shaun Crampton · Talk (30 minutes)

What do you get when you combine Calico’s rich networking and network policy capabilities with the latest eBPF capabilities of the Linux kernel? Join us to find out!

“Watching the Watcher: Advanced Integrated Monitoring with Prometheus Federation” Charles Pretzer · Talk (30 minutes)

The name Prometheus is no longer synonymous with "The Messenger of the Gods". It has far greater responsibility in today's cloud native application environments.

This session will cover configuring Prometheus in a production environment with a focus on federating Prometheus deployments together.


“metal-stack - kubernetes on bare metal” Markus Fensterer, Gerrit Schwerthelm · Talk (30 minutes)

metal-stack is a new open source project that lets you produce kubernetes clusters on bare-metal comparable to hyperscalers but on a full open-source stack targeted for on-premise setups.

metal-stack comprises:
- an API to manage bare metal resources (machines, firewalls, switches)
- an implementa…

“Istio as a monolith. Why sometimes consolidation is a good thing and what does it mean for the users.” Dawid Ziolkowski · Short Talk (15 minutes)

In the latest release, Istio consolidated its components into one binary - istiod. In the world of microservices, that's an unusual move but it was definitely a good move. In this talk I will explain why sometimes it's better to be a "monolith" and what does this change mean for users.

“Virtual Rejekts Kickoff: India” Sayan Chowdhury, Prakash Mishra · Handover (10 minutes)

Virtual Rejekts Kickoff. Weill introduce the format, the moderator line-ups and welcome the first speaker.

“Handover: India to Berlin” Ellen Körbes, Bill Mulligan · Handover (10 minutes)

Handover of moderation from the India team to the Berlin team.

“Handover: Berlin to Amsterdam” Alessandro Vozza, Lian Li · Handover (10 minutes)

Handover of moderation from the Berlin team to the Amsterdam team.

“Handover: Amsterdam to London” Charlotte Godley, Mark Coleman · Handover (10 minutes)

Handover of moderation from the Amsterdam team to London Team

“Handover: London to New York” Stephen Augustus, Jonathan Gold · Handover (10 minutes)

Handover of moderation from the London team to New York team.

“Handover: New York to Boulder” Chris Kuehl, Kim McMahon · Handover (10 minutes)

Handover of moderation from the New York team to Boulder team.

“Handover: Boulder to Seattle” Matt Baldwin, Kaslin Fields · Handover (10 minutes)

Handover of moderation from the Boulder team to Seattle team.

“Handover: Seattle to San Francisco” Katy Farmer, Tasha Drew · Handover (10 minutes)

Handover of moderation from the Seattle team to San Francisco team.

“Virtual Rejekts wrapup” Arun Teja Godavarthi, Chris Kuehl · Handover (10 minutes)


“Using OpenEBS successfully for remote working and to reduce costs” Uma Mukkara · Talk (30 minutes)

We are in difficult times as seen by the form this conference. Remote working is the new normal. While cloud is available as a quick alternate for spinning up the required resources, it could also burn the additional money. In this talk we discuss how OpenEBS can be used to develop stateful applica…

“Discover and Secure your APIs in Minutes” Madhukar Nayakbomman · Talk (30 minutes)

In today’s microservices world, developers are building new microservices or integrating them with other projects or apps. Every time they do this, new microservices have to expose new APIs and existing services need to consume it. As a developer, they also need to think of ways to secure these new…

“Cluster API Deep Dive” Vince Prignano, Cecile Robert-Michon · Talk (30 minutes)

During this talk, we'll do a walkthrough of Cluster API (, a project of SIG Cluster Lifecycle. After introducing the project, we'll do a live demo, showing how to quickly create a cluster using Azure, scaling it up, and upgrading it. Finally, we'll leave some time for Q&…

“Secure Shell Access Without SSH” Justin Garrison · Talk (30 minutes)

SSH is a staple of server management. As simple as it is it comes with lots of complications. Open ports, users management, authorized_keys, and bastions are just some of the things you need to consider.
What if there were an easier way? What if you didn't need to open port 22 and you didn't need V…