Virtual Rejekts 2020

Connecting Applications with Operator-backed Services
2020-04-01, 07:10–07:40, Track 1 (UTC)

Demonstrating a more streamlined approach for binding application with services provided by Kubernetes Operators, using our open-source project, service-binding-operator. An improved developer experience on declaring and ensuring binding with infrastructure components.

Cloud-Native Environments like Kubernetes comes with its challenges for binding applications. A service backed by a Kubernetes operator, for example, PostgreSQL instance and a shiny front-end Node.js application...Wouldn't it be really fancy if we could just express the intent to bind to any backing service without actually doing the configuration heavy lifting?
In this talk, we will review how to enable developers to connect their applications with operator-backed services, such as databases, without having to perform manual intervention (secrets, configmaps, etc.). It thereby provides an intuitive approach for the developers to connect their application to an operator backed service. In a nutshell, improved developer experience.
Together with this talk, we would be running through a live demo, to show application and service binding in action, using our open-source Kubernetes Operator, service-binding-operator.