Virtual Rejekts 2020

How to beat an existential crisis by becoming Cloud Native.
2020-04-01, 11:10–11:40, Track 1 (UTC)

Last five years of mass movement to Cloud Native and the last few dramatic months in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic are examples of existential crises, former is relatively slow and the latter is almost instant, but both are dramatic in their effect on all the aspects of company existence.
To survive, each business has to adjust it’s technology, organisational structure, financials, and even company culture.

But, if you’re working in an average company from a small startup to a massive enterprise, you would probably experience the following:
- Resistance and use of outdated methods to adjust to a slow existential threat, or
- Dramatic defensive reaction, mostly expressed as a freeze or full cancelation of the majority of innovative projects in case of a fast existential threat

Those responses are most common but rarely the most effective ways to survive and most importantly to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

This talk will not give you direct answers, but instead provide you with mental models, patterns, designs and other tools for creation of an effective and dynamic strategy for dealing with the most complex situation you could ever imagine.

This talk is based on our O'Reilly book - Cloud Native Transformation

Patterns from the book can be found here:

An important mental model that shows the scope of the story is Cloud Native Maturity Matrix: