Virtual Rejekts 2020

Platform Endgame - Kube CF
2020-04-01, 12:20–12:50, Track 1 (UTC)

We are building what we think is the ultimate platform. Based on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry, it's the best of both worlds. IT professionals can manage infrastructure using Kube, while app developers become more productive using the developer-focused UX refined by Cloud Foundry for almost a decade.
Cloud Foundry is trusted by more than half of the Fortune 500 and it has an amazing community of people that are all interested in building the best platform for developers.

We believe Kube CF is a project that can join these two communities. In this talk, we want to show everyone what this platform can do, and how we've built it.

Please find our projects at the links below. Kube CF will be incubated within the Cloud Foundry Foundation in January 2020.

We understand that Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes overlap in a few aspects, but we strongly believe that they don't need to compete. In our view, they are complementary projects, that can serve a wider range of use cases when deployed together.

As mentioned before, both projects have large communities, and with this project we're looking to have them collaborate and come up with solutions that benefit real customers.

Kube CF is not just an idea. Both SUSE and IBM have product offerings that deliver this solution to customers.
We also consider this to be an amazing use-case for Kubernetes. Cloud Foundry is a complex piece of software, and having it run reliably on Kubernetes has been a great effort, which resulted in us implementing native operators with controllers that bridge the gap.

A project like this drives innovation. The operators we've built offer building blocks that can be reused in other contexts: rolling updates with automated canaries and recovery, support for re-usable errands, job output persistence, secret generation, automated reaction on configuration change, support for service routing to active/passive services and configuration discovery and linking.