Virtual Rejekts 2020

Using OpenEBS successfully for remote working and to reduce costs
04-01, 08:20–08:50 (UTC), Track 1 (UTC)

We are in difficult times as seen by the form this conference. Remote working is the new normal. While cloud is available as a quick alternate for spinning up the required resources, it could also burn the additional money. In this talk we discuss how OpenEBS can be used to develop stateful applications locally in your home environment or your laptop and move them to cloud or data center only when necessary, thus increasing the productivity of cloud native developers or SREs and also reducing the costs. The target audience are developers or SREs using Kubernetes in their daily lives. We will give a quick introduction of the problem statement of K8S applications from remote working perspective and then go through a detailed solution around it.

Uma Mukkara manages the operations of a large SaaS platform called, that is used to provide deep visibility, data and chaos services of Kubernetes clusters. Director is built using Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenEBS and other cloud native technologies. Uma contributes heavily to design and documentation of two open source projects called OpenEBS and Litmus. Uma often speaks in local open source meetups about Kubernetes, DevOps, and OpenEBS. He has special interests in developing new methods in the area of CI/CD and has co-created a chaos engineering project called Litmus.