Virtual Rejekts 2020

Istio as a monolith. Why sometimes consolidation is a good thing and what does it mean for the users.
2020-04-01, 10:45–11:00, Track 1 (UTC)

In the latest release, Istio consolidated its components into one binary - istiod. In the world of microservices, that's an unusual move but it was definitely a good move. In this talk I will explain why sometimes it's better to be a "monolith" and what does this change mean for users.

Istio moving to a single binary is a great opportunity to talk about differences between a "monolith" and a "single binary microservice". Explain why monolith isn't always a bad thing. On top of that - this moves solves one of the most common "disadvantage" of Istio so I will also explain what does it mean for the users and how does Istio future could look like.