Virtual Rejekts 2020

metal-stack - kubernetes on bare metal
2020-04-01, 09:00–09:30, Track 1 (UTC)

metal-stack is a new open source project that lets you produce kubernetes clusters on bare-metal comparable to hyperscalers but on a full open-source stack targeted for on-premise setups.

metal-stack comprises:
- an API to manage bare metal resources (machines, firewalls, switches)
- an implementation of a cloud controller manager for this API
- layer-3-only networking based on BGP and virtual routers which comes handy for cluster network separation, usage of metal-lb as implementation for Service-Type Loadbalancer and Cilium as CNI

You’ll get an intro to metal-stack, the underlying considerations for it and a demo where we create a bare metal cluster with SAP Gardener as cluster manager.