Virtual Rejekts 2020

The Easy Button to Kubernetes Networking with Open vSwitch
2020-04-01, 18:10–18:25, Track 1 (UTC)

Networking can be a headache. Troubleshooting Kubernetes network issues often implies using a plethora of tools, running countless tests, and staring at iptables rules.

Open vSwitch, which offers a performant, reliable and feature-rich virtual switch for Linux and Windows, can help alleviate this. Its programmable datapath allows for configuring Pod connectivity, Network Policies, and Cluster IPs using the same match-action logic, thus providing a unified dataplane for K8s networking. It also enables the development of advanced tools that simplify K8s network monitoring and troubleshooting.

This talk will show how OVS programmability and observability can be integrated into K8s clusters by means of a lightweight CNI with a mostly decentralized control plane - project Antrea - implemented by leveraging the K8s and cloud native ecosystems (libraries, tooling, dashboards) as much as possible.