OpenEBS Deep Dive
2019-11-17, 12:00–12:30, The Gallery

OpenEBS is an open source CNCF Sanbox project trying to address persistent storage problems in a 100% container native way not just by rubbing some bacon on It.

Kubernetes was designed for ephemeral workloads that would allow for cloud native apps to scale up and down. As K8s became the center of many IT operations, people wanted to use the abstraction of it and apply it to persistent workloads. That goes against certain fundamental aspects of K8s, Pets vs. Cattle.

How do you keep K8s' agility while dealing with the inertia of storage, monolithic services that provide storage and are an unnatural fit (pet)?

In this talk, Murat and Harsh will discuss architecture of OpenEBS and dive into the working logic of the internal components including storage placement, differences between storage engines (Jiva, cStor, dynamic Local PV provisioner, a brand new MayaStor).

They will also demo how OpenEBS users use same abstraction layer to provide copy-on-write based cross-cloud application mobility and up to 90% more efficient DR using Velero.