Maintain Remote copies of Local PV - a lesson for rainy days.
2019-11-16, 18:10–18:15, The Gallery

In this talk, Chandan will present his observations on using local PV in production for saving ElasticSearch Data. While Local PV has a big disclaimer to be used with applications that can support data management, Local PV is the performant storage solution that is available today.

As we get lured into its performance, we have to watch out for some of the common disasters that can hit really hard - if left unchecked. Chandan will list the different challenges or shortcomings of the Local PV along with the available Open Source solutions and tools to address them.
For example, data protection can be achieved via Restic or Velero.

This talk will help all the kubernetes users who have been using the local PV in production for better performance but are worried about long term data management. In the talk, Chandan will share his experience with local PV in production, as well as measures he took to ensure nothing is lost during worst-case scenarios.