Building Blocks: Dynamic provisioning of Kubernetes Local PV
11-16, 10:25–10:55 (UTC), The Theater

How to dynamically provision Kubernetes Local PV by OpenEBS, with managing the life cycle of block devices for Local PVs

With the Local Persistent Volume plugin, Kubernetes workloads can now consume high performance local storage. While Local Persistent Volumes provide many benefits, they also require careful planning and careful consideration of constraints before committing to them in production (ref The Dynamic Local PV Provisioner can be configured to create a Local PV with either a subpath or the entire disk.

In talk will go over how we are performing dynamic provisioning of local PVs, how the provisioner manages them, how we are managing block devices for them. It will also include a demo of the data agility of these new types of volumes. By the end of the talk, you will know why, how and when to use Local PVs with the dynamic provisioner.

Murat Karslioglu is a technologist, and infrastructure architect with over 20 years of experience in storage, distributed systems, and enterprise infrastructure development.

Murat is currently one of the maintainers of OpenEBS project. He is a Kubernetes enthusiast, blogger, author and passionate about open-source. After 20 years in IT he "still" loves to learn and code.

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Amit is the director of engineering at cloud storage specialists MayaData, where he works on various open source projects including OpenEBS and MetaController. In his past life, he was a contributor to openstack cinder and apache cloudstack projects. When not writing code, or talking about it, Amit loves practising his manga (a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels) skills.