Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Adrian Mouat

Adrian has been involved with containers from the early days of Docker and authored the O’Reilly book “Using Docker” ( He is currently an engineer at, who are on a mission to secure the software supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Security with Sigstore and Kyverno
Adrian Reber

Adrian is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and is migrating processes at least since 2010. He started to migrate processes in a high performance computing environment and at some point he migrated so many processes that he got a PhD for that. Most of the time he is now migrating containers but occasionally he still migrates single processes.

  • Now That We Can Checkpoint Containers - What's Next?
Alban Crequy
  • How We Made Our Availability Metrics More Meaningful With eBPF
Andy Randall
  • Hitching a ride on a flatcar: a community project update
Ankita Swamy

I am working as a Software Engineer for VMware. I am an active contributor to kubernetes SIG cluster lifecycle. I am an also an acting reviewer for Cluster API provider for AWS.

  • Declarative lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters on various clouds
Anne Holler

Anne has an ongoing interest in the intersection of resource efficiency and artificial intelligence.
She worked on Uber's Michelangelo Machine Learning platform, on the management stack for Velocloud's
SD-WAN product, on VMware's Distributed Resource Schedulers for server and storage infrastructure,
on performance analysis for VMware's hypervisor and hosted products, on Omnishift's transparent
application and data delivery over the web to the desktop, on Transmeta's Crusoe processor performance
and power, and on Hewlett-Packard's low-level compiler optimizer. She received bachelors and masters
degrees from Duke University, and a doctorate from University of Virginia, all in Computer Science.

  • Efficient Deep Learning with Ludwig AutoML, Ray, and Nodeless Kubernetes
Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh works as Member of Technical Staff at VMware on Kubernetes lifecycle team where his work includes contributing upstream to cluster api provider azure. He has worked previously building storage operators for OpenEBS project.

  • Declarative lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters on various clouds
Bobur Umurzokov

Bobur is a Developer Advocate for an Open-source project Apache APISIX , has been working as a Software Engineering Trainer at SDAcademy for about 2 years. Also, highly skilled in developing, testing, and designing software, knowledgeable of back-end development and the best practices by having more than 8 years of experience as a Software Engineer. Bobur likes teaching as learning new things who is a Java developer originally and can write code in any programming language. Nowadays, interesting focus areas are Cloud-Native API Gateways, Kubernetes, and some cloud serverless services such as Azure Functions, AWS Lambda.

  • Plugin Orchestration for an API Gateway
Catalin Jora

Catalin is a Cloud Native Consultant at FikaWorks Collective, an independent freelance cooperative of engineers. He is the Docker community leader in the Netherlands and was involved in organizing tech events like DockerCon Europe, Software Circus or Serverless Days Amsterdam. His previous work with Kubernetes includes official tutorials and various end-to-end implementation for companies that are migrating to cloud infrastructure. Outside technology and computer screens, he enjoys traveling (when allowed), reading, running and playing with his daughter.

  • Building Tech Communities Inside Companies
Cesar Gonzalez

Staff Sec Engineer at

  • Cloud FinOps & Sustainability on Kubernetes
Chris Kuehl
  • Opening remarks
Christoph Brewing

Christoph Brewing, from BMW, will explore Deployment of Machine Learning (ML) to production strategies.

  • Designing enterprise-ready machine learning applications with webassembly & wasmCloud
Christopher Bradford

Christopher has a passion for distributed systems and automation. From leading simple Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes with K8ssandra to promoting containers, DevOps tooling, and operators he is here to get work done and accelerate operations teams around the world.

  • Bringing Apache Cassandra closer to Kubernetes
Christopher J. Nuland

Christopher Nuland is an Architect at Red Hat.

  • How We Migrated a Fortune 500 Healthcare Company to Kubernetes in 7 months
Daniel Sheldon
  • An Edge's tale: I'm a remote Kubernetes worker node and I feel lonely out there
David vonThenen

David vonThenen is a Cloud Native Engineer at VMware actively participating in the Kubernetes and CNCF ecosystems. His contributions have spanned a wide variety of domains including Observability, Container Storage Interface drivers, test/release CI/CD workflows, Cloud Controller Managers, and Open Source k8s distributions just to name a few. Prior to joining VMware, David was a technical architect and development lead for backup/recovery solutions with a heavy focus on the virtualization and cloud computing space.

  • Learnings From Creating CI/CD Pipelines for Open Source Kubernetes Projects
Francis Laniel

Francis Laniel has deep interest in open source software particularly the Linux kernel.

  • eBPF ready kernel 5.10 for minikube
Francisco Borges Aurindo Barros

Francisco is a Junior SRE, working at CERN.

  • Crashing our way in to production
Frederic Branczyk
  • Why continuous profiling needed a new database
Giles Heron

Giles Heron is a Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems, and is based in London. His curr is on high-performance container-networking solutions.

Giles has over 30 years' experience in software and network architecture. He is the co-inventor of the MPLS pseudowire technology, served as co-chair of the IETF L2VPN Working Group, and is the originator of the Media Streaming Mesh concept.

  • Media Streaming Mesh - Real-Time Media in Kubernetes
Harshita Sharma

Harshita Sharma is currently a Kubernetes and Golang Developer at Kubermatic working on multi cluster management and automation - Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform

Harshita is an OpenSource Enthusiast and has an interest in Developer Advocacy.

Harshita has previously given talks in FOSDEM and CNCF meetups.
Over the past 3 years, she has worked on a variety of Open Source Projects like Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, KubeEdge, Velero, OpenEBS, OPA Gatekeeper, etc.

Social media:

  • Automate Updating Nonconformants in Your k8s Cluster (Policy Enforcement)
Henry Precheur

Henry Precheur has worked on free software projects like gmi2html, kgpdemux and scratchpad.

  • Buildscaler: An elastic Horizontal Pod Autoscaler framework for CI workloads
Ida Olsen
  • Accelerating development with the Devfile format
Jan Kleinert

Jan leads a team of Developer Advocates at Google focused on Databases, Kubernetes, Compute, and Networking. Prior to joining Google, she worked in a variety of roles from developer relations to software engineering to web analytics and conversion optimization. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she enjoys spending time outdoors and hiking with her family and their beagle, Nugget.

  • sqlcommenter: Bringing Database Observability to Developers
Jan Wozniak

Jan Wozniak is a software engineer at Kubermatic. Throughout his career, he contributed to various parts of the Kubernetes ecosystem as well as few Erlang based opensource projects.

  • Reverse K8s resources: from YAML to Go stucts
Juan Herrera

Consulting Engineer at SUSE working on Rancher projects

  • An Edge's tale: I'm a remote Kubernetes worker node and I feel lonely out there
Koray Oksay

Koray recently joined Kubermatic as Site Reliability Engineer. Prior to that, he worked for startup and enterprise companies in advertising, banking, and telecom industries as SysAdmin, Application Admin, DevOps Engineer, and SRE for more than 15 years.

  • Using defaults for Deployments? Is it safe and sound?
Leigh Capili

Leigh is an empathetic speaker and developer with niches in cloud-native systems and security.
He has a background in building software to manage infrastructure.

Leigh contributes to Kubernetes and Flux and is frequently working on his next software demo.
He also co-maintains Ignite, the microVM manager with Docker UX. (

Leigh works with the VMware Tanzu Advocacy team and previously built Developer Experience and Platform with Weaveworks, Beatport, AT&T, and DIRECTV.

Leigh and his wife enjoy snowboarding and have a 60lb dog named Pepsi.

  • User Impersonation is the Key to Multi-Tenant APIs on Kubernetes
Lian Li

After a failed attempt at becoming a lawyer, she decided to do something with computers instead. Working as a Fullstack Software Engineer, she got into attending tech events and giving talks on Machine Learning. During this time, she fell in love with the tech community and discovered her passion for building community and providing a safe and productive environment for all, which led to her co-organising the community conference ServerlessDays Amsterdam.

Currently, Lian lives in Amsterdam and works as Developer Advocate at Tilt Dev, trying to make developing on Kubernetes easy and fun.

  • Secret Management: The Soft Way
Madhur Agarwal

Madhur Agarwal is a Member of Technical Staff 3 @VMware, who was introduced to the Kubernetes world in 2019. He recently received his kubernetes-sigs membership. Over the past few months, his work has been around Cluster API and its AWS provider.

  • How to write API conversions for Kubernetes CRDs?
Madhuri Yechuri
  • How Lab.Computer built distributed Notebook as a Service using Federated Kubernetes
Manna Kong
  • From Zero to Auto Pilot: Exploring Kubernetes Operator Capability Levels
Margo Crawford

Margo Crawford is a software engineer for VMware Tanzu on Project Pinniped. She lives in
San Francisco. When she's not thinking about Kubernetes authentication, she likes roller skating, baking, and playing board games.

  • Building a secure, seamless auth experience that you can use with just kubectl apply
Marino Wijay

Marino leads the Developer Relations and Advocacy team at He is passionate about technology and modern distributed systems. He will always fall back to the patterns of Networking and the ways of the OSI. Community building is his driving force; A modern Jedi Academy.

  • Network Engineering Goes DevOoopsie!!!
Mario Loriedo

Mario is a software engineer and architect at Red Hat. He works on container-based developer tools to accelerate software development. He leads the open source project Eclipse Che.

  • Accelerating development with the Devfile format
  • Extending Kubernetes for Dev and Profit
Michael Schilonka

Michael is a strong believer that Kubernetes can be a software development platform, too. He is the co-founder and managing director of the Munich-based agency Blueshoe and technical lead of Unikube and Gefyra. He can report how they are using Kubernetes for development already.

  • Debugging a container with a sidecar in Kubernetes using Gefyra
Neha Lohia

Neha Lohia is a Senior Member of Technical Staff@Vmware where she works on Tanzu Service Mesh as a Site Reliability Engineer. She has been known to the Kubernetes world for the last 2 years and has worked with the Openshift distribution. She also acquired her CKA and CKAD certifications. Over the past few months, she has been involved in the open-source Kubernetes community in different sigs like sig-network, sig-security. She has been an active contributor to the sig-network KPNG project which is a rework of Kubernetes Kube-proxy implementation.

  • Adding a backend to Next Generation Kube Proxy (KPNG)
Nuno Do Carmo

Nuno is a Technical Writer for Open Source projects at SUSE Rancher.
He is also a CNCF Ambassador, Docker Captain and Microsoft MVP.

His technical passion for Cloud Native projects, brings him to help the community, mainly Windows, by writing blogs, docs and helping anyone who asks for help on a specific project (mainly on Twitter).

His technology of choice is primarily Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which he advocates for it as being the bridge helping Windows developers to test and use Cloud Native projects which might be created "only for Linux".

Nuno has participated in online CNCF meetups, in different languages (French, Portuguese, English), hosted the first WSL community room at DockerCon21 and was cohost for the CNCF Container Garage event earlier this year.

  • Docs inclusivity: the Cloud Native journey of a Windows user
Paweł Bojanowski

Platform Engineer at Elotl, Kubernetes & Go fan and amateur squash player. Likes to disassemble and reassemble the software

  • Buildscaler: An elastic Horizontal Pod Autoscaler framework for CI workloads
Rajas Kakodkar

Rajas Kakodkar is a Software Engineer at VMware. Currently, he works on Tanzu Community Edition and Tanzu Framework. In the past (at Persistent Systems) he has been part of the team which added s390x conformance test results to testgrid. He is an active contributor to the Kubernetes project mostly in sig-testing and sig-network areas.

  • Adding a backend to Next Generation Kube Proxy (KPNG)
Rajula Vineet Reddy

Rajula is a junior SRE working on CERN web services.

  • Crashing our way in to production
Ramiro Alvarez Fernandez

I’m a Senior DevOps Engineer currently working as Staff Platform Engineer at I mostly manage Kubernetes Clusters, CI/CD orchestration, Elasticsearch, MongoDB and try to break things on AWS, GCP and Azure. I'm a big fan of Anton Babenko and if I'm not online you can find me on Pagerduty.

  • Cloud FinOps & Sustainability on Kubernetes
Rose Crisp

Rose Crisp is a Senior Software Engineer, Educator @ Red Hat. She has been working as a software
developer for 25+ years. In 2019, she learned about Docker and since then she’s immersed herself into
the world of Kubernetes. In 2020, she embarked on a new chapter in her life by accepting a position at
Red Hat to work with the Operator Enablement Team. This led to the introduction of Kubernetes operators
and much more. Now, she enjoys helping others like herself who are passionate about Open Source and
Kubernetes Operators. She enjoys teaching the Kubernetes Operator Framework workshops run by Red

  • From Zero to Auto Pilot: Exploring Kubernetes Operator Capability Levels
Sascha Siegl

Sascha Siegl is a PreSales Consultant at SysEleven GmbH. Despite only having three years of professional experience, he has been involved with application development and management in containerized environments and system architecture planning in the cloud-native environment since his first day on the job. As an employee of ITDZ Berlin, he helped to introduce an OpenShift environment, and then, at the successor employer, Rhenus Office GmbH and, downstream, the start-up MIA GmbH, he created a concept for the introduction of the container orchestration tool Kubernetes, along with the necessary third-party systems for any pipelines, such as Gitlab, Ansible, and so on. The training and the regular exchange especially with application developers were a very good preparation for the technical customer support tasks. As a proponent of open source applications, he is also familiar with many different tools and approaches and brings the necessary all-round knowledge to customize best practices.

  • Managing Third Party Software in your GitOps Setups
Shauli Rozen

Shauli is an engineer turned executive, enjoying the Linux command-line while also building start-up ventures. Shauli is the CEO and Co-Founder of ARMO, the company behind the popular open-source K8s security project Kubescape. Shauli is passionate about building tools and products for the development and DevOps community and a frequent speaker in DevOps, SecOps and Cloud Native conferences.

  • What have we learned from scanning over 10K unique clusters with Kubescape?
Shivani Singhal

Shivani Singhal is a Member of Technical Staff 3 @VMware, who has started her Kubernetes contribution since 2019. She graduated as a mentee from LFX Mentorship Program (previously known as community bridge). Currently she is actively contributing to the SIG cluster API lifecycle and working as a reviewer in Cluster API provider for AWS [CAPA]. When not glued to her laptop, she is mostly engaged in cooking stuff and with her doodle book.

  • How to write API conversions for Kubernetes CRDs?
Sid Kattoju

Sid is a software engineer at red hat focused on the ecosystem experience around consuming and providing services in Kubernetes based platforms. He currently works with partners and vendors to develop Kubernetes native extensions by leveraging the operator pattern. Previously, Sid has worked at Ericsson where he was involved in transitioning legacy applications to the cloud by leveraging Kubernetes. He also worked on CloudStack, an open source system that can be used to provide infrastructure as a service and has previously presented a talk at ApacheCon 2019. Sid is interested in using the operator pattern to enable networking, storage and security aspects of the Cloud computing that you typically don’t get out of the box.

  • From Zero to Auto Pilot: Exploring Kubernetes Operator Capability Levels
Simon Emms

Senior Engineer - Gitpod

Simon has been working as a software engineer since 2006, in which time he's done work for the likes of Gitpod, DPD, Specsavers, British Pathé, the NHS, the Red Cross and others. He's used pretty much all of the major languages over the years and since 2017 has been focused on building DevOps solutions and Cloud-native applications that help engineers to work faster and more productively. Since 2021, he has been working with Gitpod to improve the self-hosted experience, which is relied upon by companies with specific security and compliance requirements.

When not behind a computer he's a keen gardener, beekeeper and makes his own sausages.

  • Why We Chose To Ditch Helm To Gain Open Source Sanity
Soundharya Pabba

Hi! I'm Soundharya currently working as a Software Engineer at RedHat. I have a strong engineering professional foundation with Masters in Computer Science. Skilled in Cloud Computing, React, Docker, Golang. With hands-on experience in hosting web app on Docker, Azure and AWS.

  • From Zero to Auto Pilot: Exploring Kubernetes Operator Capability Levels
Thilo Fromm
  • Hitching a ride on a flatcar: a community project update
Víctor Cuadrado Juan

Víctor started its involvement in Open Source in university, contributing to Debian. Nowadays, he works as software developer on security projects such as Kubewarden, as part of SUSE Rancher, and before, as an automation engineer for cloud native distributed technologies based in Cloud Foundry, and Openstack.

  • Enforcing a Secure Supply Chain on Kubernetes
Wesley Bermbach

Wesley is a Software Engineer at SAP SE. He is working on the managed Kubernetes service open-source project: Gardener (

  • How We Made Our Availability Metrics More Meaningful With eBPF
Yuri Oliveira Sa
  • From Zero to Auto Pilot: Exploring Kubernetes Operator Capability Levels
Álvaro Fernández

Curious, eager to learn, and passionate about the DevOps world (culture, movement, practice, or however it is called these days), although I am much more inclined towards the Ops than the Dev part. And puzzles, puzzles are cool. Identifying, analyzing, and solving them is cool (like node_exporter clogging dbus with the systemd collector, or the "net_device: waiting for eth0 to become free" race condition in CentOS 7 and k8s).
I´ve worked with orchestrators (Kubernetes, Mesos - DC/OS) and some other technologies in the "DevOps world" (Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Etcd, Vault, Consul, Prometheus ecosystem, Grafana, to say some). As for the Dev part, I can manage in bash, python, and go (I'm very rusty in java though). In the Ops world, I've worked with CentOS and Ubuntu, and I like engaging in anything related to networking (iptables, balancers, tcpdumping whenever I can, that's why I did a Ph.D. in Telematics). At the same time, I'm working hard to find my way in the cloud environment (AWS, GCP).
But most of all, I see a DevOps position as helping others. We help each other, we solve problems, we deliver.

  • Cloud FinOps & Sustainability on Kubernetes