Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Neha Lohia

Neha Lohia is a Senior Member of Technical Staff@Vmware where she works on Tanzu Service Mesh as a Site Reliability Engineer. She has been known to the Kubernetes world for the last 2 years and has worked with the Openshift distribution. She also acquired her CKA and CKAD certifications. Over the past few months, she has been involved in the open-source Kubernetes community in different sigs like sig-network, sig-security. She has been an active contributor to the sig-network KPNG project which is a rework of Kubernetes Kube-proxy implementation.

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Adding a backend to Next Generation Kube Proxy (KPNG)
Rajas Kakodkar, Neha Lohia

Have you ever wondered how kube-proxy originated in Kubernetes? Are you familiar with the userspace mode of kube-proxy? Have you thought about what it takes to add a mode to kube-proxy? In this session we will go through the evolution of the kube-proxy, from userspace, to iptables mode to Next-Generation-Kube-Proxy also known as KPNG.
We will dig into the working of userspace mode of kube-proxy and showcase what it takes to add it as a backend to KPNG. Attendees will get to know about the improvements introduced in KPNG over the current implementation of kube-proxy, the algorithms behind an intuitive “user space” proxy, and how to reason about kube-proxy’s logic in any mode, using a generic model. We promise to demonstrate KPNG in userspace mode and compare the performance with kube-proxy in userspace mode and exhibit how it performs better with KPNG.