Don’t Do What Charlie Don’t Does - Avoiding Common CRD Design errors
03-17, 11:10–11:40 (Europe/Paris), Arena

Most controllers written for Kubernetes include their own Custom Resource Definition (CRD) - but it’s actually very easy to make mistakes in the CRD design that will cost a lot in longer-term maintenance.

Come and hear from Gateway API and Ingress controller maintainers about Charlie Don’t, the Kubernetes developer with the worst luck in designing CRDs, and how you can use his experience to avoid the most common problems with CRD design.

You should expect to come away from this session with an understanding of common CRD design errors and the ways you can avoid them.

Nick has been working to prevent the entropic downfall of systems for 25 years, across Windows and Linux, datacenters and clouds, networking, storage and compute. Currently he's a Staff Engineer at Isovalent, and a maintainer on the Kubernetes Gateway API project, where in addition to his primary task of always having Simpsons quotes available, he works on improving the ingress and mesh experiences. He was a co-chair of the previous iteration of the Kubernetes LTS working group. In his spare time, he spends time with his young family, then with whatever's left he works on maintaining his jack-of-all-geeks card. Random fact: he took notes at university in the Tengwar, Tolkien's elvish script.