Aakansha Priya

Aakansha is a DevRel at EmpathyOps. Working on empowering & upscaling the communities. In the past she has been a Community Manager at Hashnode. As a frontend dev turned DevOps explorer, loves sharing tech insights, views on learning & building in public, blogging & building personal brand. A reader and speaker, Aakansha paints, sings and loves spontaneous travel. Catch her at meetups & conferences!

  • Empathy in Cloud Native Governance: Addressing Bias for Inclusive Decisions
Abdelfettah SGHIOUAR

Abdel Sghiouar is a senior Cloud Developer Advocate @Google Cloud. A co-host of the Kubernetes Podcast by Google and a CNCF Ambassador. His focused areas are GKE/Kubernetes, Service Mesh, and Serverless. Abdel started his career in data centers and infrastructure in Morocco, where he is originally from, before moving to Google's largest EU data center in Belgium. Then in Sweden, he joined Google Cloud Professional Services and spent five years working with Google Cloud customers on architecting and designing large-scale distributed systems before turning to advocacy and community work.

  • What’s new in the Kubernetes Gateway API
Alessandro Vozza

Community leader and CNCF ambassador, Alessandro has spent the last few years building cloud native infrastructures for Microsoft customers, animating the Dutch community, and training others to pass the CKx exams. He has passion for all things cloud native, he's been around open source for 25 years and recently moved to a new Developer Relations role at Solo.io, where he's on a mission to install a service mesh in every Kubernetes cluster he gets his hands on.

  • Progressive Delivery with Istio and Gateway API plugin for Argo Rollouts
Anais Urlichs

Anaïs is a Developer Advocate at Aqua Security, where she contributes to Aqua’s cloud native open source projects. When she is not advocating DevOps best practices, she runs her own YouTube Channel centered around cloud native technologies. Before joining Aqua, Anais worked as SRE at Civo, a cloud native service provider, where she worked on infrastructure for hundreds of tenant clusters. Her passion lies in making tools and platforms more accessible to developers and community members.

  • The Bang! - When bad things happen to your data
Andy Randall

Andy is a Principal PM Manager and Startup Advisor at Microsoft Azure. Andy joined the Azure team at Microsoft through the acquisition of Kinvolk, where he was chief commercial officer. Prior to Kinvolk, Andy co-founded Tigera and Calico, the foundational open source cloud native networking and network security project. Previously, he built businesses in the areas of network protocols and VoIP telephony at Metaswitch. He holds a joint MBA from Berkeley and Columbia Business Schools. He also has masters degrees in software engineering, philosophy and mathematics.

  • Microsoft - 5 mins Keynote on Community Initiatives
Arsh Sharma

Arsh is a Developer Experience Engineer at Okteto. He is a CNCF Ambassador and has also been awarded the Kubernetes Contributor Award previously. Prior to joining Okteto, he worked at VMware and was an active contributor to the CNCF projects cert-manager and Kyverno. Arsh has written blogs and spoken about different topics in the cloud ecosystem. Recordings of some of his previous talks can be found at: https://arshsharma.com/speaking/

  • From Sherlock to Skynet: Navigating Cloud-Native Terrain with OpenTelemetry and Runtime Security
Benazir Khan

Benazir is a Community Program Manager at Microsoft.

  • Welcome to Cloud Native Rejekts EU 2024!
Benjamin Ritter

Benjamin Ritter is a Cloud Systems Engineer with the IT consulting firm Scandio GmbH. Benjamin has multiple years experience designing Cloud architectures focused around Kubernetes. In his daily work he assists customers in their journey to the cloud.
He is also involved in the open source community and contributes to open source projects, like JuiceFS

  • The Storage Crashcourse - From CSI to Databases
Carlos Mestre del Pino

Carlos Mestre del Pino is a platform engineering consultant based in Amsterdam. Having decided to deep dive into the Kubernetes world over two years ago, he has been supporting ITQ's customers on their platform building journey ever since. Member of the organizing team for Kubernetes Community Days Utrecht, he is a community oriented person which loves sharing knowledge and passion for technology, especially when it comes to platform engineering and automation.

  • Too Many CRDs? I Say Not Enough!: Leveraging Crossplane & ClusterAPI for Effective Platform Delivery
Chris Kuehl

Chris Kuehl is a Principal Technical PM @ Microsoft, former founder and CEO @ Kinvolk, and the creator of Cloud Native Rejekts. He has been envolved in open source software and communities for more than 20 years and doing it professionally for about the last 15 years.

  • On creating a common framework for eBPF data collection
Chris Short

Chris Short has been a proponent of open source solutions throughout his 20+ years in various IT disciplines, including systems, security, networks, DevOps management, and cloud native advocacy across the public and private sectors. He currently works as a Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, and is an active Kubernetes contributor. Chris is a disabled US Air Force veteran living with his wife and son in Metro Detroit. Chris writes about Cloud Native, DevOps, and other topics at ChrisShort.net.

  • burnout++ — Recognizing and Managing Burnout
Danil Grigorev

I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at SUSE, focusing on kubernetes and cluster-api project.

  • Using GitOps to Simplify Cluster API Provider Management
Divya Mohan

Divya Mohan is a Principal Technology Advocate at SUSE.

  • SUSE - 5 mins Closing Keynote on Community Initiatives
Edith Puclla

Edith, a Tech Evangelist at Percona, is a passionate contributor to the world of open-source. Throughout her career, she successfully contributed to the Apache Airflow project during her internship with Outreachy and is playing a crucial role in translating the Kubernetes website into Spanish. She also holds the title of Ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is a Docker captain. Recently, she took a significant step by relocating from Peru to the UK with a Global Talent Visa.

  • Kubernetes Operators: The Power of Automation
Filip Nikolic

Filip is a passionate speaker and loves sharing his knowledge with the community at various conferences and meetups.
He is actively contributing to a number of CNCF projects such as Cilium, ArgoCD, Minkube and more.
With his networking and platform engineering background he has worked in several industries, including CNCF end user companies such as PostFinance.

Filip is currently working at Isovalent - the creators of Cilium and eBPF.

  • Demystifying CNI - Writing a CNI from scratch
Ida Furjesova

Ida is a Software Engineer who enjoys building and maintaining software in an open source manner. She is an advocate for gender diversity in tech and enjoys mentoring and supporting underrepresented people.

  • You’re Good Enough: Combating Imposter Syndrome in Cloud Native Communities
James Laverack

James is a software engineer specialising in cloud native software and distributed systems. Currently he's a Senior Solutions Architect at Isovalent. Previously, he's worked at Jetstack as a Staff Solutions Engineer, and an engineer in fintech before.

James was on the Kubernetes release team from v1.18 though v1.24, culminating in being the Release Team Lead for Kubernetes v1.24 "Stargazer" 🔭. He's also served as the Emeritus Adviser for Kubernetes v1.27 "Chill Vibes" 🦥.

  • How eBPF Actually Works
Joaquim Rocha

Joaquim has been involved in a number of Free and Open Source Software projects for the past 15 years, from the Linux desktop and phones to the cloud.
He is an Emeritus Member of the GNOME Foundation and has been a speaker in events such as KubeCon, GUADEC, and FOSDEM.
Joaquim currently works as a Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

  • Bringing it all together: unifying multiple cloud native projects into a coherent UI experience
João Brito

CTO at Getup, your favorite host on Kubicast, a sysadmin by training, but above all, always in a state of learning. Worked in large companies handling hosting and monitoring critical systems, but found the perfect fit for professional growth and fulfillment in startups. At Getup since 2016, he is the Kubernetes enthusiast. Has reached a new professional level, seamlessly integrating and delivering the best and most agile infrastructure solutions, making an impact on colleagues and the IT sector.

  • CEL to the rescue: applying the common expression language to secure hundreds of servers at once.
Juraci Paixão Kröhling

Juraci Paixão Kröhling is a seasoned software engineer, a Governance Committee member for the OpenTelemetry project, and an emeritus maintainer of the Jaeger project. With a strong focus on observability and open-source development, Juraci has delivered talks at conferences such as KubeCon EU, KubeCon NA, OpenSource Summit, Devoxx Belgium, FOSDEM, and various DevOpsDays. With deep expertise in distributed tracing and observability, Juraci empowers software engineers to optimize their applications and build reliable observability pipelines. Currently working at Grafana Labs, Juraci continues to shape the future of observability tools while passionately contributing to the open-source software engineering community.

Outside of work, Juraci is a proud parent of three kids and finds solace in the hobby of sleeping, albeit occasionally interrupted by the delightful chaos of parenting responsibilities.

  • Building Resilient Observability Pipelines in Kubernetes with OpenTelemetry Collector
Kat Yang

Kat Yang (they/them) is a software engineer at Grafana Labs. They are a maintainer of the backend open source project. Since Kat is coming to tech from a nontraditional background, they are passionate about accessibility in tech for everyone, especially for people from underrepresented groups.

  • You’re Good Enough: Combating Imposter Syndrome in Cloud Native Communities
Kim McMahon

Kim McMahon is well-known in the open source ecosystem as a marketer of open source and growing healthy and productive communities. She is currently a Fractional leader of advocacy and community at several organizations such as The FreeBSD Foundation, Bettering Our Worlds (BOW), and AlmaLinux. Previously, she led the marketing and community activities at several Linux Foundation projects including CNCF and RISC-V, building member participation and end-user ecosystems. She has also worked at organizations large and small such as Cisco and Nirmata leading marketing for open source projects, developer journeys, and community building. She specializes in taking the user and contributor on a journey of awareness, activation, adoption, engagement, and advocacy. Community building, breaking down barriers, and uniting are Kim’s drivers.

  • Open Source Project Growth: The Non-Technical Needs for Driving Project Growth
Kunal Kushwaha


  • Empathy in Cloud Native Governance: Addressing Bias for Inclusive Decisions
Lior Lieberman

Lior is site reliability engineer at Google working on Google Compute Engine. He is a leading maintainer of ingress2gateway, and an active contributor to Kubernetes SIG network focused on Gateway API.

  • Unlocking the Gateway: A Practical Guide from Ingress to Gateway API
Lucy Sweet

I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Uber in Denmark, working on our compute platform. Outside of that I like planes and I'm working towards a private pilots license!

  • Migrating 2 million CPU cores to Kubernetes
Mackenzie Jackson

Mackenzie is a developer and security advocate with a passion for DevOps and application security. As the co-founder and former CTO of the health tech company Conpago, he learned first-hand how critical it is to build secure applications with robust developer operations.
Today Mackenzie continues his passion for security by working with the GitGuardian research team to uncover the latest trends malicious actors are using. Mackenzie is also the host of The Security Repo podcast, an established security writer, an experienced global speaker, and appeared as an expert in documentaries and television broadcasts.

  • The attacker's guide to exploiting secrets in the Universe
Maksim Nabokikh

I am a software engineer with more than nine years of experience. Since 2020, I’ve been an architect and tech lead of Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform, a certified Kubernetes distribution. Since 2021, I’ve also been a maintainer of Dex, a CNCF Sandbox project. In 2022, I became a Kubernetes organization member and contributor, working together with SIG Auth on significant KEPs related to authentication. I reviewed all PRs related to the new Dex feature described in this talk.

  • Exchanging third-party tokens in Dex and how it helps you to build a secure cloud native environment

Cast AI - Staff Engineer

With 10+ years in engineering, tech has been my passion from the start. Graduating in computer networks, I thrive on Go, Kubernetes, and an OpenSource approach. As an SRE practitioner, it's all about owning what you touch. No cloud preference, just adaptability. My motto? "Learn daily, no sleep without new knowledge."

Off-screen, catch me enjoying 🚲 🏍️ 🎿 🚶‍♂️ 🏕️.

  • Unlocking New Possibilities: Bridging Linux and Kubernetes
Marcus Noble

Marcus is a platform engineer at Giant Swarm, a company dedicated to offering managed Kubernetes solutions. His main area of focus in recent years has been around Go, Kubernetes, containers and DevOps but originally started out as a web developer and JavaScript enthusiast. A self-described “tinkerer”, when not building Kubernetes solutions, Marcus likes to dabble with 3D printing and experimenting with smart home tech.

  • From Fragile to Resilient: ValidatingAdmissionPolicies Strengthen Kubernetes
Matteo Bianchi

Matteo has been a self-taught coder since the age of 15. Starting as a web developer he evolved through diverse roles, from Java dev to full stack development. He later embraced DevOps and Cloud. After a few years he ventured into freelancing as Cloud Native Consultant, while digital nomading across Europe.

Builder, startup lover, advocating for Cloud Native technologies and active member of the CNCF community, Matteo is a k8s enthusiast and aspires to impact IT through Platform Engineering.
@mbianchidev in (almost) every social media platform

  • I explained Kubernetes to my grandma!
Matthias Haeussler

Matthias Haeussler is Chief Technologist at Novatec Consulting, university lecturer for distributed systems, awarded ambassador of Cloud Foundry and the organizer of the Stuttgart Cloud Foundry Meetup. He advises and enables clients on their cloud-native journey, supports implementations and legacy migrations. Prior to that he was employed at IBM R&D Germany for more than 15 years. He has teaching experience from distributed systems and modern software architecture lectures at multiple universities in Stuttgart (DHBW, HSE, HfT). Besides that he is frequent speaker at various national and international conferences and meetups. (e.g. KubeCon, Devoxx, OSS Summit, Cloud Foundry Summit, Spring IO).

  • A hitchhiker's guide to CNCF/OSS observability solutions around Kubernetes
Mattia Lavacca

Mattia is a Software Engineer at Kong, working on Kubernetes networking. He is a key contributor to some SIG-Network projects, such as Gateway API, Ingress2Gateway, and Blixt, and a co-lead of Kong's Gateway API implementation. He is working on many Kong projects related to networking in Kubernetes, among which are the Ingress controller and the Gateway Operator.

  • Unlocking the Gateway: A Practical Guide from Ingress to Gateway API
Michael Cade
  • The Bang! - When bad things happen to your data
Michael Kashin

Michael is a network and security product manager at Isovalent. He has diverse background spanning pre-sales, software development, network design and architecture. He enjoys writing code and technical blogs, exploring uncharted territories where cloud intersects with networking and security. An OSS contributor, author of books and blogs, a KubeCon reject.

  • External Traffic Engineering with Cilium
Miguel Luna

Product Manager with a combined background on design, business, and engineering ● Proven track record for taking highly technical cloud-native solutions from 0 to 1 with a visual thinking approach to complexity ● Kubecon + CloudNativecon speaker

  • Kubernetes as entities: Applying Systems Thinking to observe K8s Beyond Metrics, Traces and Logs
Mike Coleman

Mike is a developer advocate at Sysdig focused on the Falco open-source project. In this role, he ensures the community has the right technical resources to succeed with the project. Before joining Sysdig, he held similar roles at Google, Docker, AWS, Microsoft, and VMware. He enjoys running, gaming, and general outdoorsy stuff in his spare time.

  • Understanding the Cloud Native Security Landscape
Mikhail Fedosin

Mikhail Fedosin, a Kubernetes developer with a PhD in cloud service architecture, brings over a decade of experience in enterprise, scientific, and open-source projects. Currently, he contributes to New Relic's Container Fabric team by managing a fleet of several hundred Kubernetes clusters using Cluster API tooling. Mikhail's former achievements include playing significant roles in the development of OpenStack and OpenShift systems.

  • Using GitOps to Simplify Cluster API Provider Management
Nick Young

Nick has been working to prevent the entropic downfall of systems for 25 years, across Windows and Linux, datacenters and clouds, networking, storage and compute. Currently he's a Staff Engineer at Isovalent, and a maintainer on the Kubernetes Gateway API project, where in addition to his primary task of always having Simpsons quotes available, he works on improving the ingress and mesh experiences. He was a co-chair of the previous iteration of the Kubernetes LTS working group. In his spare time, he spends time with his young family, then with whatever's left he works on maintaining his jack-of-all-geeks card. Random fact: he took notes at university in the Tengwar, Tolkien's elvish script.

  • Don’t Do What Charlie Don’t Does - Avoiding Common CRD Design errors
Oleg Nenashev

Oleg is a developer tools hacker, community builder and DevRel consultant. He's passionate open source software, open ecosystems and open hardware advocate. Oleg is a core maintainer Jenkins project where he writes code, mentors contributors and organizes community events. He is a CNCF and CDF ambassador, Testcontainers Champion and a former Jenkins Board member and CDF TOC Chair. Oleg has a PhD degree in electronics design and volunteers in the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, and in a number of Ukrainian support and Russian anti-war organizations.

  • Cloud Friendly(?) Jenkins. How we failed to make Jenkins cloud native and what we learned?
Oshrat Nir

Oshrat Nir is Developer Advocate for Kubescape and ARMO, where she helps customers adopt good Kubernetes security practices. She has over 20 years of IT experience, including roles at Amdocs and Giant Swarm. She is a big believer in transparency and community, and she loves telling stories.She excels at bridging the gap between tech and people, believing this intersection drives significant technological advancements.Oshrat holds a BSc. and an MBA from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

  • Context-Based Security: What Your Cloud Native Apps Really Need
Patrick Stephens

Over 20 years experience in software engineering, primarily in the defence domain at Thales. The last few years of this were focused on transformation first to containers then Kubernetes. After Thales I worked on the cloud native team at Couchbase, working on their Golang-based Kubernetes operator. This included producing a custom Fluent Bit deployment for observability needs. Calyptia (founded by the Fluent maintainers) then approached me to come work with them building out their observability products.

  • Fluent Bit, the engine to power Chat Ops
Piotr Jabłoński

Piotr is an architect in the field of security, networking and clouds. He designed and implemented Cloud Native and Data Center solutions in global scale projects. He developed features in MPLS, Adaptive Code Modulation and Autonomic Networking solutions. A presenter and author of sessions at KCD events, Cisco Live, VMworld. Multi-cloud certified. In free time solving puzzles.

  • External Traffic Engineering with Cilium
Ramiro Berrelleza
  • From Sherlock to Skynet: Navigating Cloud-Native Terrain with OpenTelemetry and Runtime Security
Rory McCune

Rory is a senior advocate for Datadog who has extensive experience with Cyber security and Cloud native computing. In addition to his work as a security reviewer and architect on containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker he has presented at Kubecon EU and NA, as well as a number of other cloud native and security conferences. He is one of the main authors of the CIS benchmarks for Docker and Kubernetes, a published author on the topic of Cloud Native Security, member of Kubernetes SIG-Security and CNCF TAG-Security. When he's not working, Rory can generally be found out walking and enjoying the scenery of the Scottish highlands.

  • Beyond the Surface - Exploring Attacker Persistence Strategies in Kubernetes
Sebastian Tiedtke

Co-creator of Open Source Runme - DevOps Workflows
Built with Markdown

Sebastian's been involved in deep tech for two decades now. He's helped pioneer browser test automation (Sauce Labs) and advanced cloud-native PKI (Smallstep), and he has now found his passion in unlocking runnable knowledge bases for teams.

A German national living abroad in the United States, he's thrilled to speak at a conference on European home turf about how to "fix" internal docs once and for all.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastiantiedtke/

  • An IDE for Ops Should Be Integral to Your Docs
Stefano Borrelli

Stefano is a Principal Solutions Architect for Upbound and an active contributor in the Crossplane ecosystem.

  • Crossplane Composition Functions Step by Step
Stephen Augustus

Stephen Augustus is Head of Open Source at Cisco.

  • Cisco - 5 mins Keynote on Community Initiatives
Stéphane Este-Gracias

As an advocate for free and open-source software, I am dedicated to promoting innovation and collaboration. My passion has led me to participate in various initiatives, educating others about the benefits of using open-source software.

Leveraging my expertise in cloud-native technologies, I help teams overcome challenges, identify improvement areas, and develop successful strategies. I am committed to driving positive change and fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, whether working with external customers or our own internal team.

As a CNCF Ambassador, I am proud to continue promoting open-source software and inspiring others to join the movement.

  • OCI Registry: Beyond Container Images - Easing Air-Gap Deployments
Tiffany Jernigan
  • A hitchhiker's guide to CNCF/OSS observability solutions around Kubernetes
Timo Salm

Timo Salm is the first Solution Engineer for Developer Experience at Tanzu by Broadcom in EMEA, focusing on internal developer platforms and commercial Spring products. In this role, he's responsible for educating customers on the value of these products and ensuring that they succeed by working closely on different levels of abstractions of modern applications and modern infrastructure.

Before Timo joined Pivotal, which VMware and now Broadcom acquired, he worked for consulting firms in the automotive industry as a software architect and full-stack developer.

  • The Magic of Backing Service Provisioning and Consumption With Crossplane and ServiceBindings
Tobias Schneck

Tobias Schneck is a Principal Architect at Kubermatic, an open-source platform for Kubernetes management. He is a passionate advocate for open-source technologies and has a deep understanding of cloud-native infrastructure. Tobias has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and has held various positions in development, operations, and architecture. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and has written numerous blog posts and articles on cloud-native topics. Bringing the advantages of cloud native technologies and development workflows to everybody is his aim.

  • Will ARM be the new Mainstream in our Data Centers?
Viktor Farcic
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perilous Passage to Production
Whitney Lee
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perilous Passage to Production
Yuri Oliveira Sa

In his professional path, Yuri Sa has always been involved in helping companies achieve the next level of automation in their infrastructure environment. Throughout his 15 years of experience, he worked in critical environments as SysAdmin, SRE, and DevOps Engineer. One of his central beliefs is that all barriers between Developers and Operations teams should be removed; for that reason, he decided to contribute to open-source projects focused on observability in the past few years.

  • Building Resilient Observability Pipelines in Kubernetes with OpenTelemetry Collector
Łukasz Piątkowski

Łukasz works as a Platform Architect at www.giantswarm.io, in a team responsible for developer experience. He has over 6 years of hands-on Kubernetes experience and 15 years in building and managing backend IT systems. He also completed a Ph.D. thesis about client-centric replication.
His speaking experience includes DockerCon, Rejekts, DevOps Pro, local and scientific conferences.
To find out more about projects he’s involved with, please check https://github.com/piontec.

  • No GitOps Pain, No Platform gain: Day 2 Challenges of Managing Kubernetes Fleets with GitOps