Choose Your Own Adventure: The Perilous Passage to Production
03-17, 11:45–12:15 (Europe/Paris), Arena

Our hero, a running application in a Kubernetes development environment, knows that they are destined for greater things! They long to be living in production, serving end users! However, the journey from dev to prod is hard, filled with system design choices concerning cluster provisioning, GitOps, traffic routing, and app config.. And who knows what unseen forces lurk in the shadows! One wrong step could be catastrophic.

It is up to you, the audience, to guide our hero and help them grow from an app in development to their final form⎯an app running in production. In this 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-style talk, Whitney and Viktor will present choices that an anthropomorphized app must make as they try to find their way to production. Throughout the presentation, the audience (YOU!) will vote to decide our hero app's path! Can we navigate CNCF projects and avoid dead-ends to get our app to production before the session time elapses?