Context-Based Security: What Your Cloud Native Apps Really Need
03-17, 14:00–14:30 (Europe/Paris), Arena

We're all way past understanding why security is a critical piece in our product stacks - from the code, APIs, to the workloads, and runtime. The next step was choosing the scanners and tooling, to ensure a guarded fortress, however all of these come with their own chaos of CVEs, compounding cognitive load. This is where context matters in cloud native security.

We'll dive into how you even get started with what matters, from prioritization, daring to remediate - without breaking prod, how to apply better component security, anomaly detection & how eBPF is simplifying this on all the layers.

Come armed with tough questions and come away with good practices for ensuring your security choices are always in context.

Oshrat Nir is Developer Advocate for Kubescape and ARMO, where she helps customers adopt good Kubernetes security practices. She has over 20 years of IT experience, including roles at Amdocs and Giant Swarm. She is a big believer in transparency and community, and she loves telling stories.She excels at bridging the gap between tech and people, believing this intersection drives significant technological advancements.Oshrat holds a BSc. and an MBA from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.