Kubernetes Operators
05-19, 14:20–14:50 (UTC), Main Hall

What even are Kubernetes Operators? Kernel modules for extending Kubernetes.

The Operator pattern for custom Kubernetes controllers extends the platform to automate the management of stateful, complex applications -- think databases, file stores, and other critical components that often have their own notions of clustering. Operators provide a philosophy and a toolkit for extending Kubernetes orchestration to this class of application, as well as, recursively, mechanisms for managing the lifecycle of the Kubernetes platform itself. This talk, a freestyle rap based on a rejected Kubecon proposal, will examine and demo Kubernetes Operators and make you want to use Operators and write one for your own application.

Josh Wood is a Developer Advocate for Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform. Josh has worked in a variety of roles throughout his career, holding diverse titles from systems admin to product director and CTO. He was formerly responsible for documentation at CoreOS. Josh is passionate about constructing the future of utility computing with open source technologies like Kubernetes. When procrastinating, Josh enjoys photographing polydactyl cats and writing short autobiographies.