Adnan Abdulhussein

Adnan Abdulhussein is a Software Engineer at Bitnami, where he works on building tools to make apps easier to run on Kubernetes. He contributes to the Kubernetes community as a co-chair of SIG-Apps and a core maintainer of the Helm project. Adnan is passionate about cloud-native infrastructure, developer tools & experience, open source and the possibility of time travel. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Bristol.

  • The App Developer's Kubernetes Toolbox
Alban Crequy

Originally from France, Alban currently lives in Berlin where he is a CTO & co-founder at Kinvolk. He is a contributor to rkt, a container runtime for Linux, Weave Scope, a container visualization & monitoring tool, and is actively working on BPF-related projects. Before falling into containers, Alban worked on various projects core to modern Linux; kernel IPC and storage, dbus performance and security, etc. His current technical interests revolve around networking, security, systemd and containers at the lower-levels of the system. Alban previously gave talks at several conferences including FOSDEM, Linux Plumbers, IO Visor Summit, Kubecons and LinuxCons.

  • Using BPF to debug your Kubernetes application
Ashley Schuett

Software engineer

  • Preemptive Autoscaling on any Cloud
Carolyn Van Slyck

Carolyn is a software developer based in the wilds of suburban Chicago, working remote on the Microsoft R&D DeisLabs Team. Her passion is developer tools, and building vibrant inclusive communities around them. In between code reviews, Carolyn enjoys hauling her cookies around the world to share her love of open-source, containers, and excessive emoji. 🌈 ✨

  • Build Cloud Native Application Bundles with Porter
Chris Kuehl

Chris is a founder and CEO of Kinvolk. He's also helped found Cloud Native Rejekts and All Systems Go!. He's been involved in open source communities for almost 18 years, getting his start in the GNOME project.

  • Cloud Native Rejekts Opening
Christian Simon

Christian can rely on his experiences from working as a Jack of all trades Linux sysadmin for 15+ years. This hands-on practices is backed by his academic work around security practices. Lately he’s focused on providing modern DevOps environments through the heavy use of containers.
As soon as he is away from his laptop he enjoys beers and pork dishes (due to his Bavarian roots), visiting if not organising gigs or music festivals and keeping fit with swimming, hiking, skiing and lately playing field hockey.

Previous talks:
Puppetconf 2017: From Roller Coasters to Meerkats- 3 Generations of Production Kubernetes Clusters
Kubecon EU 2018 / Containerdays 2018: Why running kubelet on your vacuum robot is (not) a good idea

  • Consistent user authentication in multi-cloud hosted Kubernetes clusters
Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield is a full-stack engineer, Google Developer Expert, and member of the Forbes Technology Council. As a Kubernaut and CI/CD expert, Dan has built tools for advanced deployment methodologies with Kubernetes, Helm, and Istio. His code and talks have been featured at conferences including Kubecon, Dev Week, Google Cloud Summit, SwampUp, Redis Conf and many more.

  • Visualizing Canary Rollouts with Istio and Helm
David Watson & Jason DeTiberus

Jason has been working on Kubernetes lifecycle management tooling for the past four years. His work currently includes helping to commoditize the lifecycle management of upstream Kubernetes through sig-cluster-lifecycle sponsored projects at VMware. Before becoming more directly involved in the upstream Kubernetes community he bootstrapped the initial Ansible-based OpenShift v3 lifecycle management tooling.

David has been a part of the Kubernetes community for over three years, focusing on scalability, reliability, and automation. At Samsung he works on enabling hybrid cloud environments and managed control planes. Previously he developed hardware monitoring and reliability services for AWS, and distributed filesystems for IBM.

  • Deep Dive: Deploying Kubernetes on Bare Metal Using the Cluster API
Dongsu Park

Software Engineer at Kinvolk
Active mainly on open source projects like kube-spawn or Flatcar Linux.

  • Evaluating Firecracker as a container runtime engine
Edaena Salinas

Edaena Salinas is a software engineer at Microsoft, where she has worked on web applications on front- and back-end development since 2014. Her research interests include software engineering, web development, artificial intelligence, testing, and DevOps.

  • Highly Effective Kubernetes Deployments with GitOps
Federico Hernandez

Federico has both worked as a developer and infrastructure engineer - writing, building and running large scale systems. He has spent the last year developing and providing Kubernetes as a Service for 40+ teams internally within Meltwater. Federico is also an avid OSS enthusiast and has been a maintainer for a smaller OSS cli tool for a decade.

  • Knowing what your Kubernetes cluster is doing
Fernando RIpoll

Fernando Ripoll is a solution engineer at Giant Swarm. His background is as a full stack developer using technologies like Symfony, NodeJS, Golang, Ruby, Kubernetes, MongoDB, and HTML5. Throughout his career, Fernando has become more interested in distributed systems and especially how containers and Kubernetes have changed the developer experience. He is currently helping some big players jump into Kubernetes and containers by championing the change from old practices to reveal the benefits of cloud environments.

  • Always up-to-date - Dissecting A Kubernetes Upgrade
Giles Heron

Giles Heron is a Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems, and is based in London. His current focus is on high-performance container-networking solutions. Before joining Cisco Giles was Principal Network Architect at BT, and was responsible for the end-to-end architecture of BT's 21st Century Network.

Giles has over 25 years' experience in the networking arena, having started as a software engineer coding X.25, SNA and IP protocol stacks, and then having made the transition into network architecture. Giles is the co-inventor of the MPLS pseudowire technology, and served as co-chair of the IETF L2VPN Working Group.

  • Moving the CNI to User Space
Jeremy Rickard

Jeremy is a Software Engineer at Microsoft Azure working on Open Source Software related to Kubernetes and Containers!

  • Build Cloud Native Application Bundles with Porter
Jessica Andersson

Jessica is an infrastructure engineer with a great interest in large scale systems. She is passionate about the technology as well as the processes around software development. She has been with Meltwater for three years and the last year has been spent running and providing Kubernetes as a Service for 40+ teams within the organisation. Jessica is also very engaged in the local Meetup community, as an attendee, speaker and organiser.

  • Getting Developers to Adopt Your Service
Joe Salisbury

Joe works at Giant Swarm, where he is responsible for helping the team build tools to help the developers that build the tools to help developers.

  • Observing Enterprise Kubernetes Clusters At Scale
Josh Wood

Josh Wood is a Developer Advocate for Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform. Josh has worked in a variety of roles throughout his career, holding diverse titles from systems admin to product director and CTO. He was formerly responsible for documentation at CoreOS. Josh is passionate about constructing the future of utility computing with open source technologies like Kubernetes. When procrastinating, Josh enjoys photographing polydactyl cats and writing short autobiographies.

  • Kubernetes Operators
Kevin Crawley

Kevin has been distinguished by by his peers as a Docker Captain for his work with the community and the successful implementation of Docker in production at several organizations over the past 5 years. He has spoken international on topics such as leveraging open source tools, AI and automation for real time monitoring of cloud native applications. He is a developer evangelist for Instana, an APM service provider and enjoys contributed to discussions around distributed computing, microservices, containers, monitoring, logging, deployment automation, observability, public speaking, alert fatigue and human ops.

Kevin is the lead organizer for this years DevOpsDays Nashville, and he also organizes several local meetup groups in the Nashville, TN area including Docker, Go, and Serverless and has spoken at many other groups including Java, Javascript, PHP, and DevOps.

At his previous jobs he‘s designed and built distributed scheduling systems utilizing Symfony (PHP), Amazon SQS, DynamoDB, and Redshift. His most recent project he was responsible for designing, building and delivering a modern software delivery platform using Go/Angular which was integrated with Docker Swarm and Gitlab. This application is capable of delivering phoenix environments and a fully configurable production pipeline. This application manages the SDLC of over 1000 containers and dozens of engineers building on a Kafka, Cassandra, and Spring Boot ecosystem.

  • Test Driven Development Is Dead
Kosisochukwu Anyanwu

Kosisochukwu is a Software Engineer working on cloud infrastructure projects at Kinvolk. She spends much of her time exploring and tinkering with stuff just out of curiosity to learn. She usually works with Go and Python and likes to automate things. Previously, she worked as a Web developer fixing bugs and building out features and as a DevOps Engineer, supporting and automating infrastructure.
When she is not working, you can find her listening to music and doing karaoke, bowling, playing table tennis or volleyball, hanging out and exploring with friends.

  • Building a CI pipeline for Kubernetes distributions on the cheap
Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote is an innovative product and technology leader, passionate about developer platforms and management software for clouds, containers, functions and applications. As founder of Layer5, advanced and emerging technologies have been a consistent focus through Calcote’s tenure at SolarWinds, Seagate, Cisco and Schneider Electric. An advisor, author, and speaker, he is active in the tech community as a Docker Captain and Cloud Native Ambassador.


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  • Which service mesh should I use?
Leonardo Di Donato

Leonardo is an Open Source Software Engineer at Sysdig where he mainly takes care of Falco, a CNCF project. His interests range from theoretical aspects of computer science to machine learning to distributed systems. He is also involved in the Linux Foundation's eBPF project (IO Visor) as a maintainer of kubectl-trace project.

  • OpenMetrics: Prometheus Unbound
  • Prometheus as exposition format for eBPF programs

Michael is a cloud software engineer, backed with working knowledge in telecommunications systems, currently focusing in SDN/NFV area. Leveraging Linux power and open source tools he always tries to combine work in internal projects with open source contributions.

  • Monitoring the NATS messaging system at scale with Elastic Beats
Matt Kelly

Matt Kelly is a Software Engineer at Containership, where he works on open source software to make multicloud Kubernetes easy.

  • Preemptive Autoscaling on any Cloud
Max Smythe

Max Smythe is a Software Engineer at Google working to make Kubernetes easier to manage at scale. He is excited about the potential Gatekeeper has to streamline compliance and make life easier on cluster admins. Previously he worked at a startup as a backend developer and in the VFX industry on films such as The Smurfs. He graduated from UC Irvine with a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Drama.

  • Building flexible policy with OPA and Kubernetes
Rita Zhang

Rita Zhang is a software engineer at Microsoft, based in San Francisco bay area. She is on the Azure Cloud Native Compute team building features for Kubernetes upstream and for Azure Kubernetes Service. Rita is passionate about open source and running distributed workloads at scale.

  • Building flexible policy with OPA and Kubernetes
Simone Sciarrati

I have worked with large scale distributed systems for the last 10+ years, from online gaming to data intensive applications. In the last couple years I have been focusing on building a Kubernetes platform to accelerate the development teams in Meltwater. In my spare time, while not riding my Ducati on a race track I practice the fine art of tsundoku.

  • Zero downtime upgrades of Kubernetes
Stamatis Katsaounis

Stamatis is a software engineer, focused mainly on the Cloud. He is an active member of the OPNFV community with contributions to various OPNFV projects. He experiments with OpenStack and Kubernetes deployments and is a Linux enthusiast. He speaks C, Bash and Python. Lately, he is a frequent visitor of Go playground.

  • Monitoring the NATS messaging system at scale with Elastic Beats
Steve Lasker

Steve is a Program Manager for the Azure Container Registry, focusing on Container Lifecycle Management. Prior to joining Microsoft, Steve worked in consulting and broadcast engineering where he learned the life of living on the road, building sustainable systems that can be quickly troubleshot and repaired as fans don't like waiting for more than a commercial to get back to the Super bowl.

  • Artifact Registries; Extending OCI Image and Distribution
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Thilo Fromm

Thilo started his FOSS life as a Linux kernel developer / systems architect more than 15 years ago. After an initial focus on embedded systems he worked for multiple cloud providers specialising in virtualization, both as an engineer and in technical management. In early 2019 Thilo joined Kinvolk, adding lower level OS knowledge to aid our mission of keeping Kubernetes safe and secure.

  • Hardware vulnerabilities in cloud-native environments
Thomas Graf

Thomas Graf is Co-Founder & CTO at Isovalent and creator of the Cilium project. Before this, Thomas has been a Linux kernel developer at Red Hat for many years.

  • Lessons learned while scaling Kubernetes to 5k nodes