“Knowing what your Kubernetes cluster is doing” Federico Hernandez · Talk (30 minutes)

While running Kubernetes in production, how do you know what the cluster is doing? In this talk Federico will show you how he and his team are using kube-state-metrics in combination with other exporters and logs to get insights into the multi-tenant Kubernetes cluster they run for 40+ development …

“Getting Developers to Adopt Your Service” Jessica Andersson · Talk (30 minutes)

Why should I use it?! Introducing new solutions, new technologies or new processes can meet resistance among your developers. Especially when it is a hyped technology such as Kubernetes.

Listen to what Jessica and her team learned while building Kubernetes as a Service for developers at Meltwater.…

“OpenMetrics: Prometheus Unbound” Leonardo Di Donato · Lightning talk (5 minutes)

The State of the Art of OpenMetrics and some fundamentals about it.

“Prometheus as exposition format for eBPF programs” Leonardo Di Donato · Talk (30 minutes)

Because the kernel knows more than your programs.

“Consistent user authentication in multi-cloud hosted Kubernetes clusters” Christian Simon · Talk (30 minutes)

As hosted Kubernetes solutions mature, it becomes ever more compelling to operate clusters across multiple cloud providers. A general point of friction can often be the differences in how you are able to authenticate to those clusters. Cloud providers tend to integrate their own proprietary solutio…

“Highly Effective Kubernetes Deployments with GitOps” Edaena Salinas · Talk (30 minutes)

I will describe a GitOps based deployment workflow that makes your Kubernetes deployments secure, auditable, and simpler and the process the process and tools you need to put it in place on any cloud.

“Zero downtime upgrades of Kubernetes” Simone Sciarrati · Lightning talk (5 minutes)

The Kubernetes project releases a new version every 3 month as well as several bug fix releases in between. You need and want to upgrade your clusters. How do you do that with zero-downtime and no impact on your production workloads? In this lightning talk I will show how my team has come up with a…

“Deep Dive: Deploying Kubernetes on Bare Metal Using the Cluster API” David Watson & Jason DeTiberus · Talk (30 minutes)

Relative to cloud infrastructure, bare metal environments are more varied and do not expose a unified API. The Cluster API unifies infrastructure management with Kubernetes-native resources, but our previous attempts to use it in bare metal environments show that actuators alone have significant li…

“Always up-to-date - Dissecting A Kubernetes Upgrade” Fernando RIpoll · Talk (30 minutes)

The Cloud Native community pushes updates very frequently, sometimes for security reasons other times to deliver new features. This means we need to continuously upgrade Kubernetes and the related Cloud Native Stack.

Kubernetes has created a nice way to roll out new application versions, but what a…

“Test Driven Development Is Dead” Kevin Crawley · Talk (30 minutes)

Test Driven Development and Code Coverage as a concept and practice is approaching 20 years and we've moved on. Sufficiently advanced monitoring is indistinguishable from testing and in this talk I'll prove it.

“Monitoring the NATS messaging system at scale with Elastic Beats” MICHAEL KATSOULIS, Stamatis Katsaounis · Talk (30 minutes)

In a world where stateless applications are optimized to run blazing fast, message exchanging cannot be allowed to affect their performance. Having the ability to publish more than 7 million of messages per second, NATS is the sprinter of the messaging queues.

Whereas benchmarks are good indicators…

“Observing Enterprise Kubernetes Clusters At Scale” Joe Salisbury · Talk (30 minutes)

Observing Kubernetes clusters at scale can be challenging. While most companies operate a small number of Kubernetes clusters, Giant Swarm is responsible for hundreds. This scale makes maintaining a responsible level of observability harder.

We aim to present our observability journey, particularly…

“Using BPF to debug your Kubernetes application” Alban Crequy · Talk (30 minutes)

I will demo how to use different BPF tools in the Kubernetes developer workflow. Then, I will explain how it works and what support it requires from the Kubernetes installation.

“Build Cloud Native Application Bundles with Porter” Carolyn Van Slyck, Jeremy Rickard · Talk (30 minutes)

Learn how to use Porter to create and deploy Cloud Native Application Bundles without knowing the CNAB spec.

“Lessons learned while scaling Kubernetes to 5k nodes” Thomas Graf · Talk (30 minutes)

In this talk, we will explore our journey scaling from a couple of hundred nodes to several thousand Kubernetes nodes. Tales will be told on how to scale etcd itself and what a health check every 30 seconds does to the apiserver when running at several thousand nodes.

“Preemptive Autoscaling on any Cloud” Matt Kelly, Ashley Schuett · Talk (30 minutes)

Cerebral is an open source, provider agnostic, preemptive Kubernetes cluster autoscaler with pluggable metrics backends and scaling engines. In this talk, we'll do a deep dive into Cerebral and contrast its methodology with that of the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler, which scales only after seeing t…

“Building a CI pipeline for Kubernetes distributions on the cheap” Kosisochukwu Anyanwu · Talk (30 minutes)

Setting up a CI pipeline for Kubernetes distribution environment can be a daunting - and possibly costly - task, especially when you need to run tests for every change in a distribution focused on high-availability.

In this talk, I will explain how we built a CI system at Kinvolk based on Concours…

“Hardware vulnerabilities in cloud-native environments” Thilo Fromm · Talk (30 minutes)

In late 2017 and throughout 2018 we witnessed the advent of a new class of CPU-level information disclosure vulnerabilities, commonly known as “Spectre”, “Meltdown”, and (later in 2018) “Level 1 Terminal Fault” (l1tf in short, also known as “Foreshadow”).

This talk will give a brief introduction o…

“The App Developer's Kubernetes Toolbox” Adnan Abdulhussein · Talk (30 minutes)

If you're developing applications on top of Kubernetes, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the vast number of developer tooling in the ecosystem at your disposal. Kubernetes is moving at a rapid pace, and it's becoming impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest development environments, de…

“Evaluating Firecracker as a container runtime engine” Dongsu Park · Talk (30 minutes)

I will explain the overview of the architecture around Firecracker and container runtimes. Then I will show demos for a proof-of-concept implementation.

“Moving the CNI to User Space” Giles Heron · Talk (30 minutes)

In this presentation we will explain why and how container networking is moving from the kernel into user space through projects such as the Contiv-VPP CNI plug-in (which leverages the Linux Foundation's fd.io project).

“Visualizing Canary Rollouts with Istio and Helm” Dan Garfield · Talk (30 minutes)

Istio is one of the most important things to happen to continuous delivery/deployment since Kubernetes. In this talk, you'll learn how to leverage Helm and Istio to create reliable automated deployment. To help us visualize the rollout we've built an interactive, open-source app and will ask audien…

“Artifact Registries; Extending OCI Image and Distribution” Steve Lasker · Talk (30 minutes)

Container Registries store the images we build, secure, sign, geo-replicate and deploy. They support production workloads we configure authentication for each service and user that must access them.
Joins as we share the work to extend OCI distribution and image specs to support new artifact types …

“Kubernetes Operators” Josh Wood · Talk (30 minutes)

What even are Kubernetes Operators? Kernel modules for extending Kubernetes.

“Building flexible policy with OPA and Kubernetes” Rita Zhang, Max Smythe · Talk (30 minutes)

Have you ever been asked the question - “How do we make sure Kubernetes resources conform to our internal policies and procedures?”. In this session we introduce, how you can audit, validate and mutate Kubernetes resources based custom semantic rules during create, update, and delete operations wit…

“Cloud Native Rejekts Opening” Chris Kuehl · Opening (10 minutes)

We look to welcome and provide information to all attendees.

“Day 1 - Registration + Reception” TBA · Opening (10 minutes)

Doors and registration desk open to receive attendees.

“Day 2 - Registration and Reception” TBA · Opening (10 minutes)

Doors and registration desk open to receive attendees.

“Lunch” TBA · Break (15 minutes)

Lunch time!

“Lunch” TBA · Break (15 minutes)

Lunch time!

“Which service mesh should I use?” Lee Calcote · Lightning talk (5 minutes)

Not sure which service mesh is right for you? In the emerging landscape of service meshes, which should you choose? In this lightning talk, we will demo, Meshery, an open source, multi-mesh playground that deploys different types of service meshes on-demand.