Highly Effective Kubernetes Deployments with GitOps
05-18, 14:20–14:50 (UTC), Main Hall

I will describe a GitOps based deployment workflow that makes your Kubernetes deployments secure, auditable, and simpler and the process the process and tools you need to put it in place on any cloud.

Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of development teams as they modernize workloads, make them cloud native, and move them to Kubernetes. In this talk, I’ll talk about how many are converging on a GitOps workflow to make their Kubernetes deployments secure, auditable, and simpler and describe the end to end process and tooling you can use to achieve this. This is a practical cloud neutral talk and you’ll walk away with tools and techniques you can apply to your own Kubernetes deployments.

Edaena Salinas is a software engineer at Microsoft, where she has worked on web applications on front- and back-end development since 2014. Her research interests include software engineering, web development, artificial intelligence, testing, and DevOps.