Prometheus as exposition format for eBPF programs
05-18, 12:15–12:45 (UTC), Main Hall

Because the kernel knows more than your programs.

Nowadays every application exposes their metrics via an HTTP endpoint readable by using Prometheus. Recently the exposition format got included into the OpenMetrics standard of the CNCF. Nevertheless, this very common pattern by definition only expose metrics regarding the specific applications being observed.

This talk wants to expose the idea, and a reference implementation, of a slightly different use case that uses eBPF programs as a source of information to allow the exposition and collection of kernel and application probes via a Prometheus endpoint.

After having showed the architecture of the proposed reference implementation - a Kubernetes operator with a custom resource for BPF programs - we'll demo the entire solution to grab and present some metrics without having touched any application running on the demo cluster.

Leonardo is an Open Source Software Engineer at Sysdig where he mainly takes care of Falco, a CNCF project. His interests range from theoretical aspects of computer science to machine learning to distributed systems. He is also involved in the Linux Foundation's eBPF project (IO Visor) as a maintainer of kubectl-trace project.

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