Virtual Rejekts 2020

Welcome Rejekts! Submit Your Talk To Virtual Rejekts 2020

Virtual Rejekts will be a truly global, interactive, live-streamed event, following the sun from India to the United States via Europe.

We are looking for talks to be presented via video stream related to cloud-native and Kubernetes topics. We have slots for 30min full-length talks and 15min short-talks. We are especially looking for talks about the following topics.

  • The latest developments in monitoring and troubleshooting with BPF
  • Recent advances in networking and service mesh
  • Real-world lessons in security
  • Managing Kubernetes with GitOps
  • Building multi-region, stateful services (DBaaS)
  • Discussions on the way forward for serverless, Istio, and policy

If your proposal falls into one of these topics, then let's continue by clicking the button below.

Code of conduct

The Virtual Rejects organizers strive to make this a friendly and safe event for everyone. By submitting your proposal you commit to abiding by the Code of Conduct.

Submission requirements

In general, you should assume that we follow the KubeCon guidelines for submission. Paramount should be that the talks cover open source cloud native topics.

You can enter proposals until 2020-03-24 22:20 (UTC), 0 minutes from now.