Unleashing The Power of Kubectl Kustomize
2019-11-16, 17:00–17:30, The Theater

Kubernetes objects and configuration management can be tedious and prone to human error. And as deployments grow they tend to suffer from configuration drift.. This presentation will show how in house developers have used Kustomize with MayaData Director to manage configuration issues and then present a quick demo showing how Kustomize makes it easy to manage, generate and compose Kubernetes object YAMLs in a declarative fashion.

The most basic way to manage objects is through Kubectl configuration templates. However, since Kubectl 1.14, objects can also be managed via Kustomize, a standalone tool that let’s developers customize raw, template-free YAML file for multiple purposes, leaving the original YAML untouched and still usable. Kustomize is like make, in that what it does is declared in a file, and it's like sed, in that it emits edited text. Customizations are declared through a Kustomization file. Kustomize can manage application configuration files such as generating resources from other sources, setting cross-cutting fields for resources and composing and customizing collections of resources. The tool also has concepts of bases and overlays that help in advanced customizations of resources on different environments and platforms. Kustomize has been a useful tool for our in-house SREs and developers for deploying MayaData Director in different environments such as production, staging, etc. Also, the tool has helped in deploying customized MayaData Director on-prem to meet the special needs of our customers.