Ashutosh Kumar

Ashutosh is a recent 2017 Grad and Kubernetes enthusiast and is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. He is responsible for developing cStor operator for OpenEBS project that helps in volume provisioning. He is a polyglot programmer but Golang is his favorite. His areas of interest are cloud, ARM, CI/CD, storage and distributed systems.
At the current company, he leads the efforts in declarative storage management and extending Kubernetes using custom controllers.


Unleashing The Power of Kubectl Kustomize
Brian Matheson, Ashutosh Kumar

Kubernetes objects and configuration management can be tedious and prone to human error. And as deployments grow they tend to suffer from configuration drift.. This presentation will show how in house developers have used Kustomize with MayaData Director to manage configuration issues and then present a quick demo showing how Kustomize makes it easy to manage, generate and compose Kubernetes object YAMLs in a declarative fashion.

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