Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Declarative lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters on various clouds
05-14, 16:55–17:25 (Europe/Madrid), Main Room

While Kubernetes has become a de facto standard for running the Cloud Native workloads, the platform on which Kubernetes runs remains pretty diverse. There are several projects that have come up to solve the challenges around managing the Kubernetes Lifecycle Management, with Cluster API becoming a standard way to tackle the problem.
They will walk through the challenges around Kubernetes Lifecycle management from Day-0 to Day-n and deep dive into the Cluster API projects that tackle them in a declarative way. As an example, we will demonstrate how to use CAPI providers to manage Kubernetes Clusters on AWS/Azure.

Cluster API is a Kubernetes sigs projects that provides a declarative way to create and manage Kubernetes clusters on many providers like Azure, AWS, GCP etc.
In this talk, we will help understand how Cluster API is a consistent API across providers which not only enables broader use cases like hybrid and multi-cloud, but it also provides standardised tooling that can talk to this interface by providing blueprint of it’s components on top of which the provider components are built-up. They will touch upon the various involved controllers in cluster API and how the cross communication happens with the hooked in provider controllers in order to provision a Kubernetes cluster and manage the lifecycle with a demo.
The audience should walk away with a good understanding of Cluster API projects, it's involved apis, machinery and how infrastructure provider gets integrated with Cluster API.

Ashutosh works as Member of Technical Staff at VMware on Kubernetes lifecycle team where his work includes contributing upstream to cluster api provider azure. He has worked previously building storage operators for OpenEBS project.

I am working as a Software Engineer for VMware. I am an active contributor to kubernetes SIG cluster lifecycle. I am an also an acting reviewer for Cluster API provider for AWS.