Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Cloud FinOps & Sustainability on Kubernetes
2022-05-14, 15:35–16:05, Gallery

Do you know how much your workloads cost? Are you worried about your underutilisation resources? Do you have a tag allocation strategy set in place? Would you like to have a fairly approximate cost report on real time from your Kubernetes resources? Could your teams have control and visibility of their Kubernetes resources cost?

The motivation of this talk is to show how the action of our workloads have an impact in the final invoice of our cloud provider and how can we get visibility and have decisions based on metrics. Embrace Cloud FinOps culture in your company highlighting the sustainability

Calculate cost inside your Kubernetes cluster is complex, this talk will show how you can check the cost of your Kubernetes resources using a simple approach, promoting decision metrics driven thankfully to a near realtime cost calculation. Besides, this talk will embrace Cloud FinOps culture where everyone takes ownership of their cloud usage and take care of sustainability because all the underutilization Kubernetes resources has a carbon footprint in our planet.