Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Docs inclusivity: the Cloud Native journey of a Windows user
2022-05-15, 16:20–16:50, Main Room

Windows is by far the most used desktop operating system in the world, however when it comes to Cloud Native ecosystem, it is also the least documented. In this session i'll walk through the struggles of a Cloud Native Windows developer and share my experiences as part of documentation teams on how we can help to be more inclusive.

The main goal is to brin awareness that, even if the documentation of Cloud Native projects are all very good, there's always somehow a lack of Windows based examples.

The Windows developers, and they're quite many, have to "translate" the commands to their own shell (i.e. Powershell) before they can run the examples.

Docs contributors can help by either writing examples with different shells in mind and having a more neutral set of screenshots, so different readers can relate and compare the docs with the results they see on their screen(s).

Finally, documentation framework projects can help by providing more convenient ways for docs writers to display the examples by "themes".