Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Why We Chose To Ditch Helm To Gain Open Source Sanity
2022-05-14, 12:15–12:45, Gallery

Helm is a truly excellent ecosystem and is rightly valued by the world over for giving full customisation of deployments. For open-source projects with a finite number of support engineers, full customisation is not always something that is desirable. Sometimes, you need to provide opinionated guide rails for people in order to provide effective support for your product.

This session will focus on the reasons why Gitpod has deprecated its Helm charts and switched to a custom-built Installer. Simon will explore some of the benefits and pitfalls experienced and how the community reacted to such a seismic change. He will also answer the question - "would he do it again?"

This will focus on the competing forces of SaaS vs self-hosted and how Gitpod has used the Installer as a unifying force.

This will be targeted towards maintainers of open source projects and applications where on-premise installation is necessary. It will be an exploration of the reasoning why we chose this approach, the benefits we found and the pitfalls encountered. It will also discuss how the community reacted.

Lastly, it will be an honest assessment of whether ditching Helm for third-party installation was a wise move.