Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Learnings From Creating CI/CD Pipelines for Open Source Kubernetes Projects
2022-05-14, 10:20–10:50, Gallery

There are over 20,500 open source projects in GitHub that are tagged by topic as focused on Kubernetes. 92,000+ repositories mention the word Kubernetes in their repository's "About" paragraph signaling some level of integration. How does one of these projects validate that integration at the feature level? or application? What about simply creating releases for consumption?

This session will outline mistakes, successes, and incurred technical debt while implementing a CI/CD process geared towards design verification and a release strategy. This case study will cover the pros and cons and give an in depth analysis on the "why" for decisions made in this project. This serves as a reference for things to consider (and to avoid) while creating Kubernetes-based projects.

Topics covered will include:
- obstacles and limitations on CI/CD design
- extreme code (actually process) reuse
- reproducibility, verification, and automation
- resource and scheduling impacts

David vonThenen is a Cloud Native Engineer at VMware actively participating in the Kubernetes and CNCF ecosystems. His contributions have spanned a wide variety of domains including Observability, Container Storage Interface drivers, test/release CI/CD workflows, Cloud Controller Managers, and Open Source k8s distributions just to name a few. Prior to joining VMware, David was a technical architect and development lead for backup/recovery solutions with a heavy focus on the virtualization and cloud computing space.