Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

From Zero to Auto Pilot: Exploring Kubernetes Operator Capability Levels
2022-05-15, 11:40–12:40, Gallery

Kubernetes Operators are more popular than ever, but not all operators are created equal. How do we maximize the value that Operators have promised IT teams and ensure that they can deliver a true "as-a-service" experience? We will present a step-by-step guide on how to raise your Operator's capability level to ensure it can live up to its potential. Participants will be presented with a basic Operator and learn real-world strategies on how to add capabilities including seamless upgrades, offsite backups, rollbacks, and deep insights via metrics, logging, and events as well as intelligent autoscaling.

There are a number of applications and services that can benefit from utilizing the operator pattern to integrate with Kubernetes, however, a lot of operators out there do not realize all the capabilities that are possible when creating an operator using the operator SDK. The operator framework defines 5 levels of operator capabilities. level 1: basic install, level 2: seamless upgrade, level 3: backup & restore, level 4: deep insights, and level 5: autopilot. Currently on 70% of the published operators have level 2 capabilities and only 5% of operators have level 5 capabilities. This presentation aims to enable participants to create operators with greater capabilities as well as add more capabilities to existing operators. By enhancing the average capability level of operators in the ecosystem, enterprises and developers will be able to create easier, safer, and more reliable cloud native applications thus incentivizing more organizations to transition to cloud native.