Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Extending Kubernetes for Dev and Profit
05-15, 15:35–16:05 (Europe/Madrid), Main Room

What if development tools, including the IDE and application runtimes could be specified with a declarative syntax? If containers were used as the developers lingua franca and Kubernetes as their platform? Those are the ideas behind DevWorkspaces: containerized development environments running on Kubernetes.

The DevWorkspace is a Kubernetes operator. It introduces a Custom Resource to define development environments and a controller that manages the resulting Kubernetes objects. That means that developers can specify their tooling as a Kubernetes object and share it with their team. Starting an environment, IDE included, is done with a kubectl apply command.

In this talk we are going to demo repeatable VS Code and IntelliJ based environments, starting in a few seconds on Kubernetes, managed by the DevWorkspace operator.

Mario is a software engineer and architect at Red Hat. He works on container-based developer tools to accelerate software development. He leads the open source project Eclipse Che.

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