Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Crashing our way in to production
05-15, 12:55–13:25 (Europe/Madrid), Main Room

In this presentation authors will share the experience working with a vast ever changing ecosystem and will demonstrate how important it is to adapt to evolving requirements as the journey progresses.

Scaling systems is neither easy nor straightforward. On top, scaling a specific service in a ‘service-based’ infrastructure model at CERN is complex. The task was to deploy 1k+ instances on Kubernetes. It sounded simple at first and they saw multiple benefits from the decision. Operations and infrastructure became simpler to introduce to new stakeholders, however little did they know that scaling would open up a can of bugs across CERN’s services and upstream that would hound their progress.

You will walk away from this presentation understanding the importance of keeping up with upstream, collaborating outside the team, contributing where you can, and most of all being patient throughout the learning process when making big changes to systems at scale.

See also: Presentation (6.3 MB)

Francisco is a Junior SRE, working at CERN.

Rajula is a junior SRE working on CERN web services.