Cloud Native Rejekts EU (Valencia) 2022

Now That We Can Checkpoint Containers - What's Next?
2022-05-15, 11:40–12:10, Main Room

At previous conferences we had the chance to present our upcoming work about checkpoint and restore in Kubernetes. Now that the corresponding Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal (KEP) has been merged and the first code which enables container checkpointing is available in Kubernetes 1.24 we want to present our next steps concerning checkpoint and restore.

  • How can we restore containers in Kubernetes?
  • How can we checkpoint and restore pods?
  • What is missing to be able to migrate containers from one node to another node?

In contrast to the previous session which focused very much on the technical and historical background we want to use this session to present our ideas about possible next steps using checkpoint and restore.

One of our main goals of this session is to get feedback from the community.

  • How is the community using checkpoint support?
  • Which of the possible next steps are most important to the community?
  • What should we focus on in our future development plans?

One of the most difficult parts of introducing checkpoint and restore in Kubernetes has so far not been the technical side. The most difficult part was that checkpoint and restore presents something completely new. Up until now it was not possible to save the complete state of a container and transfer it to another node which means that with checkpoint and restore we are introducing completely new concepts.

In past presentations we had to answer so many questions concerning concepts and possibilities that we think it is important to offer the possibility to the community to ask as many questions as possible.

With this session we hope to be able to give the community an overview of possible future developments, listen to what the community needs most of this completely new concept and answer as many questions as possible during and especially also after this session.