Cloud Native Rejekts NA (Los Angeles + Hybrid) 2021

Growing the Community around CNCF Incubation project Emissary Ingress
2021-10-09, 14:10–14:40, Main stage

More than 4 years ago, the Ambassador Labs team recognized the power of Envoy Proxy and started building the Ambassador API gateway. Back then they thought of Ambassador as the human way to harness the power of Envoy Proxy, which was mostly built for machine configuration. Over the last four years that project has evolved to become what is now known as Emissary Ingress, the CNCF Incubation project, an accomplishment owed largely to the super community that has rallied around the project over the years.

In this talk Cindy will discuss why community is so important, and explain why they wanted to double down on their community efforts by donating the project to the CNCF. She’ll share some of the lessons learned in growing the community from zero to thousands of active users and talk about the tactics they use to build an inclusive community that shares knowledge and fosters collaboration across all levels of experience.

Building inclusive and active communities is the driving force of the CNCF ecosystem. With Emissary Ingress’ recent acceptance into the Incubation tier of the CNCF, Ambassador Labs wants to share their learnings on community building to help other communities grow and flourish.

As the Emissary Ingress community manager Cindy will explain how they get to know their users, support them when just getting started, and assist them to overcome knowledge gaps or technical hurdles which might otherwise derail their progress.

Keeping up with all the technical questions posed by an active community can be challenging for community builders. Cindy will share tips for distributing this work among team members efficiently and the benefits of doing this via cross-functional teams.

She’ll also outline their community recognition program and share how they encourage contributions that strengthen knowledge sharing and help make the experience of more seasoned developers accessible to new learners.