Cloud Native Rejekts NA (Los Angeles + Hybrid) 2021

National Association of W Lovers: How We Can Create a Thriving Wasm Ecosystem
2021-10-10, 17:10–17:40, Main stage

Just as Java beget a litany of J-titled projects and Kubernetes gave us everything from KOPS to K3S, the emerging Wasm landscape is littered with W names. Wasm Fever has officially begun! And we at DeisLabs are releasing many Wasm-related projects.

While it might seem like we're peppering the landscape with arbitrary tools and projects, we have a bigger vision in mind--one focused on building a community and an ecosystem that enables a new generation of portable and secure applications.

In this talk, we articulate our ambitions for the WebAssembly community as a whole, and show how our open source projects fit in.