Cloud Native Rejekts NA (Los Angeles + Hybrid) 2021

Tinkerbell, a deep dive into the magic of cloud native bare metal
10-09, 17:50–18:20 (US/Pacific), Main stage

Servers are everywhere, your VMs, containers, functions and even "serverless" code lives, breathes and runs on servers. Unfortunately even today managing the lifecycle of a bare metal server still requires antiquated tooling, scripts and is largely difficult to manage and operate. The tinkerbell project was born out of the Bare Metal as a service company Packet (now Equinix Metal) with the simple goal of modernising the task of maintaining the bare metal lifecycle. This talk will go under the hood of tinkerbell to detail the technologies that power it, some of the functionality that enables bare metal servers to now deploy in seconds and finally how we're extending tinkerbell in the cloud native space through Cluster-API.

Senior Engineering Manager, Developer Relations at Equinix Metal