Cloud Native Rejekts NA (Los Angeles + Hybrid) 2021

Łukasz Piątkowski

Łukasz works as Kubernetes Platform Architect at, in a team responsible for preparing and deploying cloud-native applications to hundreds of kubernetes clusters. He previously worked for 3 years as Kubernetes Architect at
He has over 10 years of experience in building and managing backend IT systems. He also completed a Ph.D. thesis about client-centric replication.
His speaking experience includes DockerCon 17 EU (, local and scientific conferences and 10 years of teaching at the university.
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There’s No Free Lunch, but Can I Have a Free Sandwich With Observability?

This session is going to present a full cloud-native observability stack that can be used to get monitoring data from a non-orchestrated micro-services architecture oriented application.
The application will use HTTP and gRPC for communication, but will not include any code to aid with its monitoring. Then, to get as much data about the application as possible, a set of open source tools like Nginx Ingress Controller, Prometheus, Jaeger, Loki, Linkerd 2, and Grafana will be used. Attendees can see how much telemetry one can get using these tools: metrics, logs and even traces will be presented - all of that without changing a line of code in the application. Obviously, the end result won’t be as good as an app with orchestrated code - there’s no free lunch. But let’s see if one can get a sandwich on-the-house.